Homeless College Student Shares Her Story and Some Hip Hop on its 44th Anniversary

– Mary.
– Hey. – [Horvath] You are a
homeless college student, couch surfing with your son. You’ve been in and out of
the system one way or another for most of your life, still
fighting, which is awesome. Hip-hop artist, entrepreneur,
tell me your story. – Okay, well, last May, I
graduated from Community College of Philadelphia with a
degree in art and design, high honors, Phi Delta
Kappa, and I was accepted to all of the colleges that I applied to, one of which being my most coveted, NYU Kanbar Institute for
television, but, unfortunately, after receiving my financial aid package along with all of the
loan money and grants and scholarships that I was awarded, I still was unable to
cover the cost of tuition. While this was going on, simultaneously, I had a grievance or
case against my landlord of six-and-one-half years for negligence and non-repair of the property. I had a hole in my roof,
so every time it rained, it was just like a swamp, a pool of water. Mold started to grow, and
it just became inhabitable. I could hold my rent off, but
the cost of repairing a roof is just astronomical, so
I’ve been couch surfing basically ever since. – [Horvath] Now, you entered
the system when you were… – I entered the system
when I was 11 years old. I stayed in the system until I was 17. Graduated, attended Penn
State for about two years. Just feeling isolated. A lot of family issues still
going on and no support. I was a ward of the court. DHS essentially just dropped
me off with a trash bag. – [Horvath] At Penn State. – Yeah, at Penn State. – When you’re 17, just dropped
you off with a trash bag. – Correct, so needless to say, that didn’t turn out too well. Got into a little trouble,
some illegal activities, and was arrested when I
was nine months pregnant with my only child. Subsequently, three
days later I gave birth, handcuffed to a hospital
bed after being in labor for 43 hours. – [Horvath] Let’s first, you were arrested on a bench warrant for mariajuana. – Correct, I was arrested on a– – [Horvath] And went to prison. – Yes. – [Horvath] Nine months pregnant. – Right. – [Horvath] And then
gave birth, handcuffed, on a bench warrant, for mariajuana. – Yes, yes. So I eventually was
released and came home, started all over, went to
a welfare-to-work program, six months in, created my own job. I essentially was a volunteer coordinator. It was an experimental program that Impact Services had
developed that catered to women that were pregnant or parent
and child under one year of age because from the data they
seen, women that were pregnant were highly unemployable,
so we were provided a part-time job 20 hours a week. They provided also workshop classes on cooking, parenting,
various things like that. Through that program, I was able to create a position for myself. I took groups of women all over the city. MANNA, United Way, Cradles and Crayons. Even on the outskirts,
Jersey, Ronald McDonald House, Guest Chef, and a lot of these women were able to build up their resumes and gain some useful work experiences for when they returned back to work. So it was pretty rewarding
until I was laid off in summer of 2012. I ran out unemployment
and I went back to school and then fast forward up. – [Horvath] Why is
education important to you? – Education is extremely important because it’s the only thing,
one of the only things that can’t be taken away from you. Once you learn something,
once you master it, it’s with you forever. And it’s the only way to
get a good job now-a-day, unless you’re an entrepreneur,
which, I, myself, am as well. – [Horvath] You gotta hustle. – You gotta hustle, especially
when you have felonies. There’s no other option. You can’t live off of
eight dollars an hour. The Metro, Philadelphia
newspaper ran an article. Right now, you need to
make at least $27 an hour to afford to live in Philadelphia. – [Horvath] Oh my gosh,
so going to college… What is it showing to your son? – It’s showing him the value of education and where it can take you. The places it’s taken me… I’ve studied abroad in Kenya. I’ve studied abroad in Belize, Mexico. I’ve met so many fantastic
people, networked. That’s why I’m here today,
still standing strong. – [Horvath] So what are the challenges? You sleep on a couch with
your son, every night. – Yes. – [Horvath] What are the
challenges of a student trying to go to school,
and gosh, the insecurities of not knowing when you’re
going to be rolled up. – It’s hard, it makes it hard to focus, but I’m driven, so I kind of put that in the back of my mind and just press on. You just got to move forward,
but it’s extremely tough. – [Horvath] Where do you see yourself? Where are you going? What do you want to do? Where are you going to be in five years? – In five years, I see
myself making music, making films, creating outreach programs for underprivileged youth, having them tell their
stories through multimedia to empower themselves and also give voice to the things that affect them. Whether positive or negative, it’s an outlet, a form of expression that they can utilize to have some solace. – [Horvath] One title that
we didn’t throw in here. Maybe I did, I forgot,
you’re a hip-hop artist. – Yes, yes. – [Horvath] Give us a little taste. – A little taste, okay, let me see. ♫ It’s to say I’ve got impeccable flavor ♫ Conditioned behavior ♫ I don’t rebuttal disgruntled debaters ♫ Sideline instigators instigate incerate ♫ So watch what you insinuate ♫ And remember who you emulatin’ ♫ I’m in the building now ♫ And guess what I’m renovatin’ ♫ Here’s a couple indicators ♫ That implicated you was hating ♫ I got you fast subliminally
blinking blinking statements ♫ And get interviews ♫ How to run a bunch of fellow (mumbles) ♫ Grown men with their periods on ♫ I got them salivatin’ ♫ A bunch of boys can’t
wait till you’re ovulatin’ ♫ Rap is overrated ♫ That’s an understatement ♫ I can’t stand for it more less tolerated ♫ Quarantine your flow ♫ Stupidity is too contagious ♫ Remember when selling records
was about ripping stages ♫ (mumbles) need to get a
clue and go and act they ages ♫ And not the (mumbles) size ♫ You getting piped by the wrong guys ♫ Bulletproof (mumbles) ♫ Radiance ♫ Sight for sore eyes ♫ Connected with my ancestors ♫ Yeah we got strong size ♫ Sophisticated (mumbles) ♫ Reminiscent section eight Egyptian ♫ Here’s a revelation ♫ (mumbles) hieroglyphics can
you decode the inscriptions ♫ They wrote the truth
(mumbles) gave you the blueprint ♫ I love Hip-Hop but she
turned into a rap whore ♫ Had all these people hitting ♫ And she got just what she asked for ♫ Game on messed up little
creep through the back door ♫ Purposely left the latch
off to get you the hacksaw ♫ Arm leg leg arm head cracked jaw ♫ Take it back to ’96
when I used to slap frauds And this is on the day
that hip-hop turns 40. it’s the 40th anniversary, peace. – [Horvath] And if you had three
wishes, what would they be? – Three wishes would be to
have my education paid for, to obtain some secure housing,
and to get in the studio with some industry folks
and put my music out and share my story with the world. Inspire. – [Horvath] Well thank
you very much for talking. – Thank you, Mark, appreciate it. (light inspirational music)

99 thoughts on “Homeless College Student Shares Her Story and Some Hip Hop on its 44th Anniversary”

  1. Debt based, tax slave system is the only thing keeping this poor soul down. πŸ˜” She would do great things for society without those restraints. Sending her positive thoughts. β€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  2. She was amazing! Her son and her self do not deserve to be homeless or couch surfing! She is way to smart and intelligent for that, but thing sometimes happen to the best of us! She will definitely reach those stars ✨, because she keeps on reaching out for them, and she is a very strong willed woman! Keep on shining that beautiful spirit πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜ŽπŸŒΊπŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸŒ»πŸŒžπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šβ˜€οΈπŸ’•β­οΈβœ¨β€οΈ!

  3. **Mary** seems like a very intelligent, smart, sweet, unselfisnness tpye of woman…unfortunately **Mary** wss hit with homelessness and it's just not fair, I WISH HOMELESSNESS NEVER EXISTED, NO MATTER IF YOUR A DRUG ADDICT, HAS LIFE THREATENING DISEASE(S), NO MONEY WHATSOEVER, NO EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND, ETC…NOBODY, ESPECIALLY IN TODAY'S SOCIETY IN THE USA, DESERVES SUCH PAIN AND HEARTACHE(no I'm not excluding other countries, I'm just talking about the country I live in, that's all people) **Mary** seems to have a good head on her shoulders and seems like a GREAT mother(shit, I had NO mothet from the age of 1 years old and now I'm a 33 year old grown woman and I THINK I've matured after many, many years, even though I have made bad, terrible, nasty, disgusting, horrible choices/decisions in my lifetime but I would like to say I've learned from my MISTAKES in my life, that's why I choose to have NO FRIENDS in my life right now because I have to worry about myself and my own "issues" I deal with every single day/night…)I KNOW LIFE ISN'T MEANT TO BE EASY BUT C'MON, THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD(COUNTRY)THAT IS SUFFERING WORSE THAN I AM, EVERY SINGLE SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, AND YEARS…I wish people would STOP being so ignorant, just caring about themselves, and think about others' who have it bad than u(people) do…I will admit that when I'm dwelling in my own problems, I think about myself BUT after awhile I will have to remind myself that other human beings are suffering with less than I have and it really makes me appreciate what I have in my life ESPECIALLY my loving, caring, thoughtful, unselfisnness, truthful, faithful father…he's basically my very own family member in my so called family…**Mary** and other homeless people that I have watched in your videos will always be in my thoughts and prayers, for real…well thank u for sharing another one of your very beautiful, truthful, eye opening YouTube video(s) about homelessness…I learn ALOT from your videos and what u do is a positive "thing" to society…thank.u so very much…take care and GOD BLESS EVERYONE IN THIS MESSED UP WORLD…GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ’‹

  4. Dynamic sistah !!! Sending positive vibes & thoughts of success to her. Shame all of her efforts & potential is met with so much adversity

  5. She might be homeless but she has lived a far more interesting life than most people! she could easily move to some small town and use her intelligence to get a job and home but I notice she chooses to stay where the opportunity and excitement is. I've been living my life on the slow side and I'm ready to start living!

  6. Mary is a strong, talented woman. All she needs is a small jump start to get beyond her housing obstacle and she will do great things with her life. Service agencies really need to up their game to help our citizens who are really trying and just need a hand "up".

  7. Tiny home is the Solution to ends this😐🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠😊

  8. omg it makes me SO MAD that she had to give birth HANDCUFFED? IN A JAIL CELL?? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
    HOW. DARE. THEY. DISRESPECT WOMEN LIKE THAT. That is disgusting treatment of a sacred miraculous process, and literally the most painful experiance a human body can go through. All these men that run our country need to RESPECT. that they all came out of a vagina. ugh makes me sick.. she's a strong smart person i wish her the best.

  9. Why would she waste her money and put herself in debt for such an unmarketable degree? Its TOTALLY fine to have an interest in the arts but screwing up your finances for no better economic prospects is ridiculous. Why not go for a degree in Accounting, Engineering, Nursing or IT; and then afterwards, go to the library or join a social group to fuel your passion for the arts?

  10. Crazy.. Her story is very similar to mine.. Scary.. I mean i rap, im homeless, in college etc.. Salute the young lady

  11. God bless America. LOL the country where unless you are well off, you are fucked. I am so thankful not be American because even though everyone will tell you it's great, it seems like it sucks ass. Glad to be Australian.

  12. These video's inspire me to go and get my GED, I made the biggest mistake of NOT applying myself in school, and dropping out, but my mother was getting old, and needing more help around the house. Sadly she died last year πŸ™ so now I been thinking hard of getting my GED, I know this lady graduated Collage. But I have a girlfriend who I aspire to take care of her one day. Im scared to man up and get a GED and grow up more, but I know I gotta do it. These video's inspire me to make that decision

  13. What a mature ,just all round awesome girl! Aww,great personality and so intelligent …. someone needs to sign her up with a rap deal,she's got lyrics!

  14. I want to know how we can help the homeless people in the winter? Even if it's something small. Please share your ideas. What do they need the most?

  15. Smart women I wish her the best live somewhere cheaper. Prison for marijuana so stupid that drug needs to be legal it is most places. Strong beautiful talented women. I have a feeling she will be ok. Good rap!

  16. Lame why the idiotic system would force her into jail pregnant for a weed warrant?!? What the hell?!?


  18. Mmm something doesn't add up, if she graduated with a degree in art design, why didn't she get a job? What about applying for a Pell grant, or a scholarship?

  19. Wow. How inhumane is it to handcuff someone while giving birth. Wtf. It wasnt even a violent offence, why is this system soo biased and messed up?

  20. If I had lots of money I would buy her a house. She is a strong young lady and I can relate because I went from homeless to a Master's Degree. Im praying for you. Im praying that God will send you a huge financial blessing because you dont deserve this. I wonder if Candace Owens will fight for you.

  21. May the blessings of "THE MOST HIGH", over take you, just keep believing and trust"YAW", THE MOST HIGH", πŸ˜‡.

  22. With all the education and experiences she has theres no reason she should be homeless. The problem is a lot of people want to be a rapper athlete or in the entertainment business. In other words famous.

  23. Folks, let me explain what is included with that "Dropped off at Penn State" as a ward. FULL tuition, any and all needed books and materials , on campus housing, paid for of course , a boarding card (all meals included)AND a monthly stipend so the student does not have to work. Compare being "dropped off at Penn State" with your student loan debt.

  24. i dont know if education have any values today, no one want to hire if you doesnt have experience in that particular field, at best if lucky i can get a job at mcdonald while having hard time with court call me to repay my loan debt, i really have deep love in science especially in biology now im really regret that im taking that degree….

  25. An art degree will not get you off the street. Very smart beautiful spirit woman, but our education system has failed us.

  26. I have a dream to rent apartments to the domestic violence survivors men and women of Portland Oregon sleeping on the street please donate money

  27. That is disgusting a felony for weed are you kidding me she is such a smart young lady God bless her and her child

  28. This woman is the "poster child" for "Restorative" or "Rehabilitative" justice. Yeah, she got caught with some herb on her and for that her life is ruined?

    I'm not saying that she didn't break the law but instead, what action could be taken which would make it the most likely for someone convicted to not become a repeat offender. That's essentially what an efficient and functional justice system is, a system by which those who stray from social norms encoded in laws learn ways to not feel the need to do what was previously done.

    Of course that is easier said than done but and by way of example if we compare and contrast the US and Japan, more specifically, people who find themselves in the criminal justice system in Japan who are NOT native Japanese, as that is a closer comparison.

    Where the average recidivism rate in the US is on the order of ~80%, it is only ~20% in Japan. Considering that the recidivism rate for both native Japanese and non-native Japanese is almost identical, it is more likely the system itself to which any measure of success in results should be assigned, in comparison to the US's justice system,

    The primary difference between the US's and Japan's, as well as many other countries' justices systems is that the US's system is primarily punitive while Japan's, as well as other countries' systems are rehabilitative.

    In the US's system, criminals most often go into "stir" as if frozen and when they come out more often than not, ~80% of the time, got right back to what they were doing before. Only they likely learned more things so as to try to get away with more.

  29. Damn that’s fire πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯! In NY ? Hook up with open 🎀 s !!! Remember from where you started and help others! Gods speed !!!

  30. She needs a deal,there’s no way a woman this intellectual be resorted to a pillar to post situation but life throws you curves man

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