Horror Short Film | Girls On Ice

-(announcer) Cali Johnson is an
eager young figure skater who’s tired of coming in
second place. But she’s about to learn that it takes more than
just talent to succeed. BlackBoxTV Presents: Girls on Ice. [big-band music playing] -(coach)
All right, Cali, nice. Keep working on the layback spins. -Thanks, coach. -How many times have I said,
call me West. -Yes, West. -Okay. You all right? -I’m good.
-You’re good, all right. All right, come on, Rose, let’s see. Whoo! Very nice. Way to nail that double loop. All right ladies, bring it in. So, next week is the Big Scout,
and Dartmouth is coming. They’ve had some of the
best skaters go through their program these last for years, especially those who are
on the Olympic track. -How much does it cost
to go there? -More than you can afford
at a thrift shop. [laughter] -(coach) Come on, easy, Rose. The Scouts will award one full
scholarship to the top skater, so somebody’s gonna be getting
a free education. -What do you have to do
to get the scholarship? -Whatever it takes. In the meantime, I want you all
just to keep practicing. Focus on your breathing,
focus on your balance, and know that you are the best
seniors I’ve ever had. Okay? You’re all gonna do great.
Don’t worry about it. I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna
watch The Mighty Ducks, and I’m gonna forget
all about you guys. [laughter]
Get out of here. Can I speak to you for a second?
-Of course. So, what did you think
of that layback spin? So Saturday, I was thinking about skipping cheer practice
and maybe we could do brunch. [giggling] [lights click off] [moaning sounds] [gasps]
-Oh God, Cali! Um… it’s, um… shit. I was, uh… what, are you here for practice?
What are you… -[gasping for breath] -Rose. Rose.
What’s wrong with her? -She has asthma. -What do you need?
Rose, what do you need? Rose, what do you need?
What do you need? Your inhaler? Your inhaler? Where is it? -[gasping continues] -It’s not here. Call someone up.
Can you get some help? -I don’t have a phone. -It’s okay. I got your phone.
I’ll call somebody. Yes hey, I have a girl here,
uh, having an asthma attack. We’re over at the ice rink. No, it’s-it’s bad, please come. Can you come quick? Hurry. Okay, yes. Thank you. Oh, ffffffuck! [door creaks, then slams] [Für Elise playing] -(announcer) Cali and her coach
don’t believe in luck. For them,
success requires hard work and willingness to do
whatever it takes. Captioned by StreamCaptions.com Question of the week: what do you think
Cali’s coach is going to do next?

99 thoughts on “Horror Short Film | Girls On Ice”

  1. So you're telling me that this girl who wanted to succeed and get to the top, decided to keep the fucking inhaler that she stole from the girl who died? What the fuck.

  2. I think cali and her oach planned killing her because he was shocked and did no g tell anybody he bainged her to death and she hid the asma And the coach to to whatever it takes he was giving her chance to kill her so they will bang its what I heard

  3. Minus the bitchy asthma girl push, its scary what would people do to attain their goal. Its admirable at a certain amount, but too much, its a psychotic move. 😱👈

  4. Totally immoral and pathetic.
    To let someone die so you can be the star is pure evil. You have to be sick yourself to like this story.

  5. I doubt the coach does anything. If he did then it'd come out that he was having sex with an underage student at the school he works for. Him still coaching shows that he concealed his indiscretions from police or he'd have been at least fired by now. Even if he did want to tell who's to say Cali wouldn't get rid of him too. 

  6. What's the coach going to say? He was having sex with an underage student, he would go to jail to. 🙂 We all know she gets off and the stupid coach can't do anything about it :). It was the perfect plan :-).

  7. I love the demented smile she gives at the end…she looked so pleased, it was the smile of a psychopath….this is one of my favorite episodes, and the acting was great!

  8. AOTD: i think her coach is going to let her get the scholarship becuz he said toget it you have to do whatever it takes.

  9. This is my fave.. It's not scary 😅😂😂
    But you know I'm stupid enough to spend a whole night watching these vid😂😁

  10. This is amazing! 
    For everyone wondering why she kept the evidence I will explain. Logically, yes you would dispose of the evidence, however the pressure had pretty much driven the girl insane. She knew that the coach would have no leverage over her, because he would have to admit to the fact that he was having sex with an underaged girl.
    She decided to be cruel and let him find the evidence 🙂

  11. The best thing ever!
    🙂 Her cruelty is so cruel that I amazed her so much. Man it is such a sweet situation if you have the upper hand and that you must have right equipment. And that is blackmail.

  12. OK this shit is crazy she let him find the evidence omg ….I just realized I'm up @ 1:05 in the morning smh Lmao oh well 😄

  13. I remember this was the first episode of BlackBoxTV I ever watched…Still as good as the last time I watched it

  14. What will her coach do next? He might either angrily confront her about the inhaler or keep quiet out of fear and guilt like a good boy

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