How friendly are Russians! – COUCHSURFING IN RUSSIA

Its 5:15 pm I am back in Byisk Now I am going to visit Ira’s parents They have visited many countries In Russia, they remove their shoes outside the home This is their home In Russia, they don’t bring jackets inside the house. Shoes and Jackets are kept outside I am having local food This is made of pumpkin and cabbage They visited Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand for 4 months They have offered lots of things to eat Ira’s father is a magician He want me to make his videos They have brought this clock from China Try Couchsurfing and stay with locals to get such a wonderful experience This is good.. I am showing my Spiti video series to them Biysk is situated on river Biya We are crossing the river over a pontoon bridge They have brought me at Dasha’s home Tonight I am going to stay here I have become fond of Russian hospitality This is Dasha and Slava’s home They have made so many vegetarian dishes for me lots of things .. They are making some more things for me I hope people who are foodies will love this part of the video These people reminds me of my stay in Chiang Mai I stayed with an American in Chiang Mai, Thailand He had 2 guests at his home during my visit Even there everyone was participating in discussions and helping each other in Kitchen jobs Russian Children are taught all these things at a very tender age I also want to try this I give up I want to go back my home in a single piece 😉 Watch him Now we are gong to play a game – Mafia We are still eating… I just played a game – mafia I usually dont play games But I enjoyed this one This is going to be my best experience in Russia till now We can not speak each other’s language.. Stil we are enjoying this company He is funny They were offering me a number of dishes… So now its my turn I never had meat or fish… I am a vegetarian Now its time to say bye I really enjoyed their company I will miss them They are such a good people In fact, this is going to be one of the most memorable part of my Russian Trip He is popular on Instagram I am speechless.. Nicholai is a gem Because of Nicholai and Ira my Byisk trip went successful

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  1. yarr they are very good ppl, Please learn some basic langs before visiting some place. i think it can be 20 sentenses if not more you can,do even at least you can thanks well nd express your feelings for so nice hospitality, nd so nice ppls they are———–,

  2. Kyunki jutto Mae mud rehta hae aur jacket Mae snow Rehti hae isliye bahar utaarte hae I think ye Russia hi nahi pure Europe mae hi Aisa hota hae

  3. Bhai trip hamesha acchi rhti or me hahesha teri video dekha hu or share bhi karta hu plz aise hi video banaya karo.thank u bro👍

  4. Or aapke channel per bhi jaldi 1 million subscribers ho jayenge kyo me sab Ko jyada se jyada share karunga.

  5. What's your hospitality in russia bro… Actually in your video which Russian girls re seen are beautiful &attractive 😘😘😘love u Russian….

  6. I m from Pakistan , great videos…journey… really superb… and great love for Russia for such great hospitality. <3

  7. I help for Spain tourist guy
    He travels from Kerala to Northeast 3days journey by train.
    We travel together

  8. Maine isse pahele kabhi bhi foreign trip ka video dheka nahi tha ..wakahi mai bahut maja aya apka video dheke varun…..thank aur app dher sari subjkamnay…

  9. After degree i will shift to Russia i don't want to stay US UK and australia they are arrogant and racist…….

  10. you are amazing person you got so gud heart you deserve so much and you will i am fan of you thanks for traveling to world i fill like i traveling with you 😃😃😃😊😊

  11. My Lovely Brother, Your Videos Gives me Lot of Superpositivity inside me..
    I feel So Energetic And Happy Whenever i watch Your Travel Series…..LOts Of LOVE Brother !

  12. 8-9 saal ke bacche kitne smart hain. tabhi saare medal russia waale win karte hain. hamare yahan 8-9 saale ke ladke ko papa ice cream aur pizza me dubo denge aur mummy iphone aur play station kahrid degi ki le beta din bhar pizza kha aur video game khel.

  13. I wish someday I will also travel to russia. Actually I'm learning russian now-a-days. My dream is to settle there.

  14. Every moment of this video was so cute and memorable and I felt like I was their ,I really enjoyed this video thanks varun so much for this …..

  15. कहीं की ईंट कहीं का रोडा, भानुमती ने कुनबा जोडा😂😂

  16. जय श्री हरि |
    बहुत अच्छा लगा ये सुनकर कि आपने जानकर कभी मांस नहीं खाया | आपका मंगल हो |
    पर आप ब्राह्मण हैं क्या, जो आपने ऐसा आचरण रखा या आपके परिवार में ऐसा आचरण रहा ?
    क्या कारण है आपके शाकाहारी होने का ?

  17. Finally I subscribed to your channel. Frankly the first video I saw of your channel was the one where you were arguing with the tour guide in New York. So I was quite negative in the beginning but after watching a lot of videos I have a lot of admiration for what you do. It's takes a lot of effort and guts to do what you do

  18. For all the HELL the Russian people have had to deal with over the years they sure have turned out to be wonderful!

  19. Namskar bhaiyaji. Aapki video ko (Russian series ) ko kai baar dekh chuka Hu. Russian are very friendly. Thanks a lot for show a best world.

  20. While the American and Russian governments are hostile, I (as an American) long for eternal peace between us and our eastern brothers. Every time catastrophe strikes the world, America and Russia answer the call. We should be the best of friends! NOT ENEMIES!!! Peace to Russia and her people! WE DON'T WANT WAR!!!

  21. Russians beautiful inside and out ..i don't know why west hate them ..i personally love Russians and really wish to visit it sometime in future.

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