How To 50-50 Street Style Rails On A Snowboard (Regular)

Frontside and Backside 50-50s
As you start to hit bigger rails and boxes, you’ll find that some require an ollie on
from the side, like skateboarding. These are called street-style features which are usually
downhill and have 2 directions to approach from, frontside or backside.
A frontside 50-50 is where the feature is in front of your body as you approach.
A backside 50-50 is where the feature is behind you as you approach.
Practice on a balance bar, bamboo stick or similar to get a rough idea of how to jump
on. While riding down a gentle slope, ollie from
your toe edge and move your body horizontally as if your jumping onto a rail. Step this
up from here and practice ollieing right over a rail. This exercise will increase your confidence
giving you the feeling of how much height is needed from your ollie. The rail will pass
underneath and you’ll be able to judge what it would feel like to connect.
Try this also in the backside direction olleing slightly from your heel edge. On the snow
first, then over a rail. Neither fronstide or backside is harder – however
many riders find frontside more comfortable to try first, as you can easily see the feature
in front of you. Find the speed by watching others who make
it look easy. Approach at a slight angle because of the
street-style ollie on. Approximately 20 degrees, give or take.
Instead of popping off 2 feet, ollies work better for street-style features.
The important part of the landing, is how you land on the feature.
While in the air straighten your board parallel with the rail and gently land with equal weight
on both feet. To do this, you’ll need to slightly adjust the angle of your body while in the
air so that it matches the angle of the rail. Keep your head up looking towards the end
of the feature.

4 thoughts on “How To 50-50 Street Style Rails On A Snowboard (Regular)”

  1. I don't get how you hit these rails at a 20 degree angle and stay on them. Every. Single. Time. that I hit a rail at an angle, I tap it, then land on the opposite side without completing the rail. It doesn't make psychical sense to me that you can stay on these when hitting them from an angle like that. This goes for flat rails, round rails, and double rounded rails.

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