How To Add Ollie’s & Nollie’s To Your Butter’s On A Snowboard (Regular)

Ollies and Nollies into butters
The next step is to start ollieing and nollieing in.
Ollies and Nollies are covered in more detail on one of our other vids but here’s a quick
re-cap. It’s all about flexing your board until it
wants to spring back pushing you into the air. The movement is very similar to what
we’ve just been doing with presses. Quickly projecting your weight into the tail by shifting
your hips will cause your board to bend then use this energy to pop your tail from the
ground. Nollies are the exact opposite. Ollies from
the nose. The more you pressure and flex your board,
the higher you’ll be able to ollie and nollie.  
You can now start ollieing into and out of your butters.
I know this seems simple, but if you can do it well it’ll make buttering tricks way easier.
Do an ollie into a nose press and see how long you can hold it for then nollie out,
landing equally back on both feet. For a challenge try nollieing into a nose
press and nollie several times between nose presses. It’s difficult to keep the tail from
slapping against the ground after each nollie. For tail presses it’s actually easier to nollie
in rather then ollie. Can you comfortably hold the pressed position for an extended
period of time. Now ollie out landing softly on both feet.
For a challenge of your control try ollieing in, then ollie between multiple tail presses.

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