How To Backflip On A Snowboard With Jaeger Bailey: The Trick ep. 2

Hello and welcome to another episode of
The Trick here on Network A. Joining me is Jaeger Bailey. Jaeger, it’s good to have you here man.
How’s it going Preston? It is going terrific. I am so excited because it ‘s a special week here. Jaeger’s teaching us backflips. Jaeger if you haven’t heard of him before, check out his part in Mind the Video Man a whole bunch of online crap and this guy is as good or better than anyone on Earth at flipping. I’m talking snowboarders, circus folk, monkeys, you name it. Jaeger, will you teach us your secrets? I’d love to go try one. Let’s see if we can get one.
Alright, let’s go do some backflips. So Jaeger, the backflip itself, is a very complex looking maneuver. But I bet you can break it down into simple parts. How many would you say make up the backflip? The backflip is three simple steps Takeoff, in air, and landing. That’s really it. Three simple steps. Alright, well let’s go do that. Step 1 to a backflip. You’re going to want to know the speed so you don’t go too big or too small. As you’re coming to the jump you’re going to want to be flat base, leading straight off the lip, no carve or anything because you can catch your edge spinning you into a front rodeo or a back rodeo, which c an feel really awkward if you’re not comfortable with a backflip. As you leave the lip, you’re going to want to get the pop with both legs and push back and start
looking behind you. Bringing us into step 2. You’re going to throw back and you want to try and keep composed whether you go straight back sideways or you go trampoline style laid out backflip. Step 3 you’re in the air, you’re upside down and you’re going to be able to do the whole landing. That will be able to tell you whether
you need to spin faster or slow it down. Being if you have a grab to hang on
for a little bit longer to bring you around more or if you’re spinning too fast, you will be able to open up. Right there, you will be able to spot your landing and follow all the way through, setting your tail down, and then your nose, and stomping it. So Jaeger, what is the trick to the trick with the backflip? The trick to the trick of the backflip is full commitment. You do not want to get
halfway and then decide you don’t want to do a backflip. And, flipping too soon. You want to be
patient and wait to get off that lip. You do not want to hit your head leaving.
That would be horrible I bet you can flip off anything with the kind of commitment you give. Well, I’d say you can. Jaeger, it’s been an honor working with you here.
Thank you so much Preston. Man, backflips really hurt the back. Thank you for watching another episode of The Trick, here on Network A. Jaeger Bailer, scholarly gentleman and one heck of a flipper. You go practice those safely at your home mountain. Share with us. We’ll see you on the next episode of The Trick here on Network A.

31 thoughts on “How To Backflip On A Snowboard With Jaeger Bailey: The Trick ep. 2”

  1. i'm so close to stomp them…but I always end up landing on my face…I do the backflip but my board sticks in the landing :/ i will send you a video 😀

  2. can anyone please answer me. At the indoor ski place near me we have got a kicker that is about 16 or 17 feet and i want to know if i should go for a backflip on that kicker we also have got a tiny kicker thats about 4 feet and i think if i go for it their ill probably hit my head so can anyone help me

  3. @HammyDougg should probably go on the bigger one but only if you feel 100% confident and you have practiced into something much softer. Powder, backflipping into a pool or on a trampoline might help you get the motion down before you try it on an icy indoor jump!

  4. When i do backflips on a trampoline, i lay them out and detect how much pop i got and thats how i know to flip faster or slower.  Should i do that on a snowboard?

  5. Put "Snowboard Trick List" into your iPhone appstore for more tricks! – Or download 'Pure Snowboarding' for a sick snowboarding game!

  6. I can backflip on flat ground but I want to try it on snow board should I it only my 14th time ever snowboarding in my life but I am not to bad at it

  7. Yo worst advice ever bro. Ill give you tips: Imagine looping inside a big pipe. Just like a sewer pipe. And repeat that off a small kicker. You dont even have to jump that high.

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