How To Backside 50-50 On A Snowboard

A Backside 50-50 is where you approach
with the rail or box behind you, on your Backside. It’s a tiny bit more
intimidating than a Frontside 50-50 because it just feels a little bit weird
to be Ollie-ing on from the Backside.Try this a bunch of times on a Balance Bar
to build your skills and get used to that feeling.When you’re on snow, you can
try to hop from your heel edge and get a little bit of horizontal movement to see
what it feels like to move your board across the run. On your first Backside
50-50 take a bit more speed than you need to and Ollie right over that feature.
Take as much speed as you want. Get comfortable with the feeling of the rail
or box being underneath you as you Ollie over it. The angle of approach you’ll
take for your Backside 50-50s is the exact same as a frontside 50-50,
approximately 20 or 30 degrees give or take. After you Ollie, you want to
straighten your board to align with the rail and you’ll probably find that you
slip off the opposite side on your first few attempts because that’s where your
momentum is heading. As you get better try to get that little angle as you connect
with the 50-50 to stop your momentum, then balance your weight up on top of the
feature with a flat base getting to the end. The more you practice this, the better you
will get at judging how much angle to use. Make sure to learn both Frontside
50-50s and Backside 50-50s because the different way of approaching will build
your skills for more jibbing tricks. This tutorial was filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your

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