How To Boardslide To Fakie On A Snowboard

In the last tutorial we did a Boardslide
coming back out forwards and discovered that that trick used counter rotation.
With the upper body and lower body twisted against each other to make the
trick happen. There’s another way of doing a Boardslide which is to come out
Fakie or to come out switch, Boardslide to Fakie. This trick uses rotation
rather than counter rotation. With rotation, your upper body and lower body
continue in the same direction throughout the trick. It’s kind of like
doing a Frontside 180 off a small jump, where you create a bit of momentum with your
heel edge and a bit wind up with your upper body for the momentum of the 180. When it comes to the box, create a little bit of momentum on the way to the
feature, jump 90 degrees into your boardslide, remember to keep low and forwards
so you can keep a flat base. While you’re on the feature, your upper and lower body
will be very much in line maybe sliding a little bit but they’re rotating
together in the same direction and this allows you to come out switch at the end
of the feature.Try it on several different features until it feels
comfortable. You can practice this at home with a Balance Bar to feel the
difference between counter rotated Boardslides and rotated Boardslides.
For a Boardslide to Fakie, create a bit of momentum, jump into the Boardslide,
allow your upper body and lower body to move together and rotate out to land
switch. For the Boardslide out forwards, start with your upper body facing a
little bit forwards, counter rotate into that boardslide, then counter rotate back
out forwards. It’s very important to understand the different feeling of
these two tactics because they’re going to get used a lot in your snowboarding
and your jibbing. Almost every jib trick will use either rotation or counter
rotation or maybe even a combination of both. As a general rule, if you want to
continue momentum in one direction, that trick will use rotation. If you want your
trick to change direction, then that trick will use counter rotation. This tutorial
is filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. I’m Nev Lapwood from Snowboard Addiction, our
goal is to improve your riding!

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  1. I wish somebody had explained counter rotation vs rotation to me years ago- I have learned a lot of bad habits!

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