How to Body Surf

How to Body Surf. Jump into the action this summer by learning
how to body surf. You will need and good waves to surf. Never swim alone in the ocean. Beware of coral, jellyfish, and unexpected
sandbars. Step 1. Look for a beach with a gentle slope, which
will allow you to wade out into the water for some distance. Beginners should pick a beach with waves that
don’t get any higher than about 4 feet. Step 2. Wade into the water past the breaking waves. Push off the ocean floor, and swim toward
the shore as the wave approaches you from behind. As it nears, kick to gain speed and raise
your body to the surface. Step 3. As the wave begins lifting you up, dive so
your head and shoulders are lower than your hips and legs. As it continues to lift you, your head and
shoulders will come up. Step 4. As the wave is breaking, stop kicking and
keep your body stiff as a surfboard, with your arms in front of you as you ride the
wave. Always keep your hands straight out in front
of you to protect yourself from spinal injury should the wave send you crashing headfirst
into the sand. Step 5. After the wave breaks, bring your feet back
together and start kicking hard, keeping your head down, your back arched, and your arms
in front. Continue swimming toward shore until you can
stand up. Step 6. Wade back out into the sea. If you look at the next wave and decide you
don’t want to surf it, turn to the side and drop the shoulder that faces the sea;
this will push your body out to the other side of the wave. Did you know Body surfing burns about 200
calories an hour.

37 thoughts on “How to Body Surf”

  1. @JesusACruz64 Yes, and to tense your abs.
    You also don't have to keep your head down, I actually hate having my head down in the water because I can't see where I'm going.

  2. this is disgusting.
    for me, this isn't bodysurf.
    check out videos from mark cunningham, mike stewart, marcelo cabelo and anothers bodysurfers to see what is bodysurf.

  3. WOW. I think the makers of this video got every single aspect of bodysurfing wrong… First clue was the incorrect spelling of "body surf" (it is "bodysurf").

  4. Omg idk wat that was but it wasn't now body surfing. U guys wana know how to body surf? Jus come to hawaii and watch the peepo that invented the sport. Cheeeeee HAWAIIAN!!!

  5. @tgl9000 Do you, or anybody else, know where to find some good lessons on bodysurfing?
    I would love to be able to do this
    Much appreciated !!

  6. @HeseQ I strongly suggest watching videos of the best bodysurfers on earth, and study their technique. All the guys in my youtube vids are A+ caliber bodysurfers. Watch how they ride, and copy them. Also search for videos about "bodysurfing" the folllowing spots: pipeline, wedge, point panics, sandy beach. I know there are vids of Mark Cunningham, Matt Larson, Mel Thoman, Wedge crew, Steve Kapela, Mike Stewart, JT Nickelson, Keith Malloy and a bunch of others… Watch them & copy.

  7. "beginners should start out with waves that don't go any higher than 4 feet"

  8. Word of advice, if you value your life, don't ever listen to this "How to" instructions when out at Sandy Beach…!!! Also, I noticed that the beach they used to film this trash was Baldwin Beach on Maui…Try filming a "How to" there in the shore break when the outer reefs are smashing at 25'+…!!!

  9. Another tip: When Bodysurfing in clearwater always bring goggles! Spot the sharkies and critters before they spot you!

  10. this so so funny "how to body surf" the guy can't even body surf. This is just teaching people that want to bodysurf the wrong way

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