15 thoughts on “How to Buy The Best ROBOTIC POOL CLEANER | Swim University”

  1. followed your advice got the recommended above gound pool cleaner…A MIRACLE when something works better than expected!

  2. I have been very happy with my Dolphin by Matronics robotic cleaner. I replaced an aging pressure side cleaner from a well known manufacturer, I was tired of replacing expensive parts on it and worrying about hoses. Well said and presented as always, buy a quality robotic cleaner you won't regret it.

  3. How about some pool cleaner suggestions? I have an above ground pool but that kit that comes with my summer waves pool does not work to clean it.

  4. I recently inherited a 9 year old Dolphin classic which went around in circles and cleaned very little. Was utterly full of crud with one track jammed by a large twig. Tracks were all torn up and cost €70 to replace and the impeller has only one blade. I looked at converting it to the new cartridge filter system (mine has a canvas bag), but it was going to cost €250 in parts, so it remains as built. Runs like a champ now and keeps my ageing tiled pool looking good. Would fit one of the newer swivel cables, but they are €150 plus.

  5. I'm not an in-ground pool owner yet, I was doing research and came across your channel. I was thrilled to learn that you're in South Jersey because I'm just across the bridge in Philly. Are you able to do a video on deciding to get a pool {fiberglass}, planning, things to consider if you're in the northeast region of the country, and tips for beginners? Thank you for your videos!

  6. How do I get ride of yellow algae I live in uk can you recommend any product to help please

  7. so the other type of cleaner just doesn't exist? righto then… I must be imagining the one in my pool.
    also, the cost of these things is INSANE! $1000 Australian… minimum.
    with my mechanical filter attached unit, it just sits in the pool, and cleans every day… I am not sold on a robotic cleaner I have to take care of… kinda defeats the purpose IMO it might clean well, but it's a lot of mucking about.
    and most of us a lazy as heck ha.

  8. Great video!

    Two questions: 
    With the mapping function, does it only work for one pool? We have a main pool and a baby pool. Could we use it on both?
    Second, the baby pool has a new zero depth entry (and a max depth of 2 ft). Would a robotic pool cleaner work in this, or would it drive out?

  9. If you had the choice from beginning build, would you go all Pentair product (pumps, automation, etc) or all Hayward product )same…automation, pumps, quality). Stuck deciding on a pool build with two companies. One using all Pentair and one using all Hayward 🙂

  10. Matt, love your stuff, watch all the videos. I have a Zodiac MX8, just cleaned my DE Quad filter, and now the flap on the flowkeeper valve keeps opening, and the MX8 has slowed to a crawl. If I force the flap to stay closed, the MX8 scoots around the pool. What could be the issue? Thank you!

  11. Hi. Congratulations on your video series. Any recommendations for a budget, small inground pool robot? I’m not picky about cleanliness and want something easy and durable. Thanks!

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