27 thoughts on “How to Carve on a Snowboard”

  1. There is not a single guy in this video whou can properly snowboard at all. Especially not with a carving technique. Totally crap!!!

  2. @sviver The only reason they cant Carve is because its a horrible run. Here in Utah we actually have hills and powder thats the only way you can carve.

  3. @VizSyn Can you link me I searched and I couldn't find it. Is it a tutorial? Because I'm just trying to get better at
    Carving so I need a tutorial.

  4. i along with the other people in this video have notice that YOU'RE NOT CARVING, and your "tip" is showing people how to counter rotate wich is BAD, honnestly stop making videos if you have no idea how ot do it, you deffinitions are good but you demonstrations arent, you skidding in your turns take instructor courses and lessons then try showing people ow to snowboard

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