How to Choose a Surfboard : Tips for Choosing a Fun Board Surfboard

BRIAN FIELDS: Hey, how’s it going? I’m Brian
Fields here at Aussie Island in Wilmington, North Carolina. We’re here on behalf of Expert
Village, here to talk to you about picking out a surfboard and what you can do to help
take care of it in the meantime. Right here we have a fun board. This is one of the boards
we put a lot of beginning surfers on. Also, here on the East Coast, a lot of days, we
don’t have a really big wave, it’s a good day also for small waves. The key to a fun
board is, this is kind of your board that’s in between a short board and a long board.
You have a, say, the thickness of a heavier board and also the width of something like
a long board, not quite as much but a little closer. But, usually a little softer glass
job, more like a short board, and then, like I say, it’s kinda in between your short board
and a long board. A board like this is going to still allow you to paddle into that wave
easier, it’s going to float you really well, but it’s going to be more maneuverable like
a short board. Fun boards range from, thruster, you have your 3 fins, so you can still get
a kinda an old-school single fin, too–they make quad fins, all kinds of things. Main
thing though is a fund board, like I say, it’s your kinda middle ground between a short
board and a long board. You have your width, thickness, some length, it’s going to allow
you to get into that wave easier, but be more maneuverable than, say a long board, not as
much as a short board, though.

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