How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard

JUSTIN VAN ZANDT: My name is Justin from the
YMCA on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to teach you how to kickflip
which is one of your most basic tricks that you’re going to need to learn before you start
moving on to more advanced tricks. For the first step, you’re going to set up, set your
feet up on the board. You’re going to set your front foot up a little bit behind the
front bolts, halfway on, and your back foot is going to be on the tail, in the middle
of the tail, ready to pop. The next step, you’re going to want to pop the board and
flick off to the side so that the board gets some pop and then it starts flipping with
your front foot and it rotates all the way around. You catch it in the bolts and land
it. In this step, you set up and you’re going to pop your back foot and flick forward and
off the side of the board at the same time. And that will give your board the flip for
the kickflip and we wait for the grip tape to come around, and you’re going to catch
it probably with your back foot on the bolts and land it.

99 thoughts on “How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Kickflip on a Skateboard”

  1. yah, i broke my nose! but you have to get up and do it again, you cant give up and quit on the first try.

  2. yep and broke my nose, but you have to get up and try again!(im still stuck with that Dora slogan in my head, "if you cant do it, try try again")

  3. Then do a varial, some people can do them easier than a kickflip. Your issue is you're not popping straight so make sure you keep everything in line and pop straight down.

  4. so first u make your board go up then say kick and it will kick then u say land and u will land thats how u do it subscribe to me

  5. Nice check out my channel ive been skateing for 10 years if u want anything posted let me know,subscribe and ill subscribe 3x times for u!!:)

  6. i can kickflip most things now, i just came back to this video because i watched this SO long ago when i first started skateboarding wanting to learn kickflips

  7. This guy teaching you how to fly a plane:
    "You gotta go inside the plane to the front. Then you start the plane, fly it, and… land it."

  8. My name is Justin from the ymca and I'm gonna teach you how to rocket flip. Once u follow my shit instructions u will be blasting off to the moon in no time.

  9. When I can hardflip, frontside flip, backside flip, tre flip, varial kickflip, but can't kickflip. Whenever I relearn kickflip, i lose my hardflips, shit bugs me

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