How to Do Snowboard Tricks at the Park : How to Try Smaller Tricks on a Snowboard

MATT VANSTEENIS: Hi. My name is Matt Vansteenis
on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we’re going to learn how to snowboard the terrain
park here at beautiful Mt. Brighton in Brighton, Michigan. Okay, we’ve come to the little,
little tread section right here with the little baby rails. This would be a really, really
good spot for you to learn how to do like 50-50s and boardslides and whatnot. Start
small because you want to work your way up like, your kinda hitting a little bit of the
bigger rails today. So, I would highly suggest starting off with like something really tiny.
Something that’s low to the ground that you can almost ride up on to. Like, this rail
has got a little bit of the gap you need to ollie onto. But that box is perfect. You can
just ride up on to it, and get used to like sliding without any snow underneath of you.
You know, plastic and metal, it slides a lot different from what snow does. So, I really
suggest coming here, trying out this little stuff first and then progress your way up.
If you don’t want to go out and hit the big side of the park first thing, like you haven’t
been riding very long, you just going to hurt yourself and you can get really discouraged
snowboarding. So, start small, work yourself up, and don’t worry about it, like have fun,
like who cares if you fall. Like that’s how you learn how to snowboard. So, have a good
time, have fun with it, and just have your own style, like don’t do what everybody else
tells you to do. Like, you just have to have fun. That’s what it really is all about. So,
there you go. Go tread now. See you.

100 thoughts on “How to Do Snowboard Tricks at the Park : How to Try Smaller Tricks on a Snowboard”

  1. lmfao, good ending, but this vid wasnt even any HOW TO, it was just a motivational speach. i liked it though, i cant wait till the season is back so i can start trying the small rails and boxes!

  2. Ah, shut up.
    Get the entire point of it.

    Learn how to do it yourself, start small so you don't hurt yourself, and who gives a fuck if you fall? You're learning just going out there and doing it.
    You win, Matt.

  3. wtf i spend 1 and a half minute listening to this crap man everybody knows that u must start at small rails man this is fcking stupid

  4. "How to Do Snowboard Tricks at the Park" the guy in this video told me nothing about how to do tricks. I don't snowboard, yet I could give people advice like…start small and work your way up.

    This is the worst instructional video ever.

  5. @SSMarrow he explaind how to try smaller shit on a snowboard wen ur first starting out, the name of the video wasnt, " how to boardslide" so it was a good vid. for expert villiage cuz they usually suck

  6. Rome boards = as good as sex
    Burton= people who can't do jibs and are possibly asian
    Forum= more asians
    K2, Salomon, Atomic= Ski companies trying to cash in on snowboarding.
    DC= pretty good from what I've heard
    Technine= wiggers

  7. For the record, he was only referring to the Burton Clash. Not Burton as a whole.. but regardless of that, he doesn't know what he's talking about (stingrayswimmer).

  8. lol thats the worst tip ever no one listen to this dude he doesnt know shit!… u ever gunna be able to ride on it and do it 100 percent of the time if you never go on it in the first place?…follow what this dude says go start on the small shit work ur way up and try it! dont forget to commit!

  9. been riding 8 years and now since im bored of just doing hills ima start terrain park, hopefully learning will be easy 0.0

  10. rotfl, no offence m8 but I've started to ride snowparks in my 1st season, now there is my 2nd, and I'm tryin' to do 360 and some other cool stuff ~~

  11. guys you cant shit on someone whos been riding for 8 years and has not been in a park some people have more fun just riding around … so instead of insulting someone via computer … go shred and stay buttery =] and btw … a snowboards a snowboard but invest in Capita!

  12. yeah i donยดt like expertvillage ๐Ÿ˜€
    they are talking and talking, i only watched a few videos, but they do this most.

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  14. @Xtasee79 it really isnt that bad cause i also do big mountain riding but i should have a smaller one. 152 seems a bit low though

  15. holy fuck what the hell is that? are you kidding me i've come here to see some tricks no just talking…what a looser!!!!

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  17. sorry dude but that sucks.. show us some boarding and your bodymovement during a rail or something.. this shit doesn't help anyone

  18. i dont think their website actually regulates who goes on here. it seems like anyone can just make some videos and put them up

  19. I get it now, the way you do tricks is by TALKING, A LOT. If I can just keep talking like he is, my board will do the trick for me right?

  20. @79403858 That guy is a faggot because he tried to give a helpful tip to a retarded loose cannon with a keyboard? looks like you are the fag to me. Or you are just handicapt and you cant help yourself.

  21. @l337909 You should check out more of his videos before you run your mouth. It makes you look unintelligent. Remember, YOU are the one that typed "HOW TO" before snowboarding. punk

  22. I live at 9000 ft, and I can say that you dont need mountains to learn to snowboard. And on the other hand, just because you have mountains doesn't meen that you learned anything at all. I've rode with people from the east who were better than people from the rockies who have been doing this for a long time.

  23. @sybo59 What you got against pot heads who snowboard? I bet the majority of riders smoke the herbaledge. and they could all probably teach you a thing or two.

  24. @sybo59 What you got against pot heads who snowboard? I bet the majority of riders smoke the herbaledge. and they could all probably teach you a thing or two.

  25. @Luski009 what about the learning process? If you don't answer, I will assume that you recognize how ignorant your comment was.

  26. @snelso80 Yeah "pothead" was the meat of my comment, not that it is a piece of shit tutorial, and paying for it would be ridiculous. Oh, and I'm being sarcastic, dipshit.

  27. @sybo59 You should check out his other vids, they are quite helpfull. and they are free (Like this one) You could take a lesson on the mountain but that would run you like 100 bucks, and thats just to have someone pat your behind when you do a good job.

    PS: Your mother is a dip shit

  28. @snelso80 Let me guess, you ARE him! I was referring to this vid, I don't care about the others. I didn't imply that I'm entitled to high quality instructional videos for free. You're dropping the context.

    This video is horrible + Expert village pays people for making "instructional'' vids = I think this would be silly.

    That was the extent of my comment; you're strangely defensive.

  29. @sybo59 Nope… I am not him, my name is Steve. I am just tired of people insulting and disrespecting others on Youtube, thats all. And if I see you disrespecting someone else again, I will do all that I can to help you reflect on how pathetic it makes you look.

  30. @snelso80 Wow, my hero. You have yet to touch my comment. First, you misrepresented it as an anti-pothead/snowboarder rant. Second, you brought in OTHER vids, which I was not addressing. Nice try, youtube crusader.

  31. @enburst He's one of those mad Youtube haters that wanna dish it out and talk shit, but dont know how to swallow it when it comes back around.

  32. can you guys actually show it in slow montion and explain it on the video, cause most of us know the theory its the little details that make the difference, props for making the video

  33. well im afraid on getting hurt and taking a risk soo wat do i do i can do a snow grind 180 but thats all

  34. Very helpful, thanks for putting the effort to make a free video on snowboard tips! I'm with you SCniglet, internet trolls are really ungrateful for those who are out there trying to help us better ourselves. If you can't take some free advice then I feel sorry for you guys… to stubborn to learn from someone who has obvious experience and skill.

  35. @SC2niglet
    I believe temperoath was trying to say, That was a pep talk not a tutorial, as the title states "how to try smaller tricks"
    I am not saying i can do a better job, I watched this to learn.

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