How to Do Snowboarding 180 Grinds : How to Pop When Doing a 180 on a Snowboard

When learning the one eighty, the first thing
you could learn is the pop; it’s all about the pop and how your body is squared up with
your knees. Your knees and your shoulders, always want to be squared up, in any trick
you do, any circumstance, in snowboarding, you always want to be squared up, It just
gives you more board control. Know where you’re going. Your shoulders, pretty much, wherever
your shoulders go, is where you’re going to go. So, say in one eighty’s, once again, you
want to pop, all I’m going to do is pop up. That is a jump. A jump is the main part of
a one eighty because your shoulders are squared off, for your jump. A jump, but when you one
eighty, you jump and turn. It’s all about the turn in your shoulders. When doing one
eighty’s, on flat ground, is definitely the easiest way to do them. You’re stopped, you
can control your balance, you can control how you want to turn and it’s pretty much,
you’re just here, to here. That process of getting there, is in your body’s weight and
how it’s produced and how squared off you are. If you’re like this and you’re just trying
to spin yourself around, you’re not going to come around and like get there, you have
to be squared off. So, you’re here, you want to pop off your flat base, pop, here you are
and here you are. It’s all in your knees. Your knees have a lot of control of where
your body goes and what board control you have.

82 thoughts on “How to Do Snowboarding 180 Grinds : How to Pop When Doing a 180 on a Snowboard”

  1. i can land it when i go off jumps but instead of 180s i end up only going 90 like half of 180 but i land it why cant i fullydo this

  2. She doesn't even do anything she said. Try it out on a box first, then move to rails.

    If your having trouble take a park lesson, or ask some kids. Most of the people in the park are always willing to through out a few pointers.

    These "expert" people are not even intermediate snowboarders. Seriously.

  3. Your stance can't be to wide noob.

    If your stance is maxed out you have way better control of your board.

  4. Lol she contradicts herself: 'It's all in your shoulders' then 'its all in your knees' awful tutorial.

  5. Once again, this chick is wrong. 180s are controlled by twisting your core, not your shoulders, twist your waist and your knees and your board will follow.

  6. i dont know why people need help doing a 180 when people make a tutorial, comes to show you how bad this video is, when she bables on for 1:25 about a 180 and people still ask questions. Sad Sad Sad Sad

  7. WTf is she smoking thats not a pop, pop is when you take the ollie positions to your snowboard you don;t you both your knees you use your back knee

  8. first time when i did 180 to litle bumb i falled down on tump and its almoust broken. im fin and i have snowboardin for two years

  9. pop on the center and not the tail?????????? why did i not think of this???????? and grinding not jibbing it was so obvious?????

  10. haha… you said its all in your in your square… no all in your shoulder… no all in your knees… i get it. 😉

  11. my knees pfffttt lady i know whats more controlled than that… my dick is very controlled to yerr pussayy ;DDD teeheee!! i mean come on u gotta agree

  12. dude shes just trying to help,although 180's are easy enough on their own,i happen to have watched this vid for a freind who couldnt get it.after me explaining it like that he has already moved to 360,but u r right her voice is annoying

  13. Whats with all the haters. I'm a guy from the UK who ski's alot and does some slope boarding, i'm looking to do a bit more freestyle and when i've tried in the past i hurt my self through wrong technique so this video is kinda aimed at people like me, if thats not your angle onwatching the vid then you arn't going to like it.

  14. @tzeentch14 I don't think the technique here is well explained. There's the whole issue of rotation/counter-rotation, popping off different edges and in normal or switch stance. I'd suggest the Sierra Snowboard or Snowboard Addiction videos, they really helped me a lot more than this!

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