How to Fit Snowboard Boots

Learn how to properly fit snowboard boots
to maximize warmth, comfort, and performance on the
slopes. Shopping for snowboard boots is easy, because it corresponds to shoe sizes. So start
with the shoe size you normally wear. Now once you try the boot on, you may notice that it fits a little bit tighter than your street shoes. That’s okay as long as you have enough
room to wiggle your toes a little bit, but you wanna make sure it does fit
tight so that your heel doesn’t pull up at all. Now if your toes do hit the edge,
that’s okay because as lean into that toe edge, your toes are gonna pull away
from the edge just a little bit. Also remember that throughout the day
the liner will pack out a little bit creating a little more room. Just make
sure that there are no pressure points or anything unusual within the boot and you’ve got a great fitting snowboard boot. Hopefully you found this video useful. If you have, give us a thumbs up and head on
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3 thoughts on “How to Fit Snowboard Boots”

  1. And remember folks snowboard boots can be used to container some water in survival situation, and a rigged boot or two a haversack set up.

    These guys have a multitude of uses as you can see. Get a pair use them a gear pouches for mollie drop leg rigs.

    Bust the snowboard up and make nifty tent stack, burn it for signaling, and other bushcraft survival needs.

    I deleted the funniest one… Good gear and good boarding y'all…

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