How To Frontside 180 On Park Jumps On A Snowboard

After learning Frontside 180s on side
hits, you can start to take them to park jumps. Find a small jump where you’re
comfortable with straight airs and grabs. The major difference with spinning off a
jump is that you need to use your edges for takeoff to grip from the snow and
initiate rotation. For a Frontside 180, you can take off with either your heel
edge or your toe edge. This tutorial focuses on using your heel edge which is
the most common approach for Frontside spinning. Take note of where you drop in
for a straight air and the speed you need for the jump. This is the same place
you’ll drop for a Frontside 180 and you’ll use the same speed. On your
approach do one smooth toe edge turn, carving roughly in line with the side of
the jump then transition to your heel edge for a smooth carve up and off the lip. This is the same entry path used for all heel edge Frontside spins, it’s
the ideal approach line for a smooth Frontside 180 and will help to initiate
Frontside momentum. As you leave the lip, you can add extra momentum by winding up and releasing with your arms and upper body. Not a lot of momentum is required
for a 180, they are the smallest spin trick. As your approach line improves, the heel
edge takeoff already provides some spin momentum and may be enough to get you all the way around. Make sure to pop with your Frontside
180s, flexing and extending with your legs off the jump as you do with a
straight air. This gives you a better trajectory, helps to initiate the
momentum off your edge and makes the 180 come around easier.
When landing your 180s, you’ll be riding switch. It’s very easy to spot as you can
see your landing the whole way from takeoff. It’s ideal to land with your
board as close to 180 degrees as possible with a relatively flat base and
absorb the landing over your entire board. If you rotate slightly less than
180, you’ll need to land with a slight heel edge to prevent catching your edge in the snow. If you rotate slightly more than 180,
you’ll need to use a slight toe edge. As your 180s improve, you’ll get the feeling
of slowing down and speeding up your spin to position your board
appropriately for landing. Jumping 180s on a trampoline is a very
similar feeling to jumping on a park jump. The down up motion of bouncing,
provides the same timing and feeling of the down up motion riding into a jump.
Using the Snowboard Addiction Tramp Board is a great way to build your
muscle memory for smooth, stylish 180s. This tutorial is filmed at Whistler Blackcomb. You’re riding with Snowboard Addiction, our goal is to improve your

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  1. On bigger jumps I don’t use my edges for front 1’s. I just pop and suck my knees up to my chest and hold it there. My momentum keeps the 180 going around and I like the feeling of a slower rotation. Feels like better style to me

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