How to Ice Skate | Ice Skating Rink Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K

– [Narrator] This module sponsored by the Children’s Services
Council of Broward County. (upbeat music) – C’mon. Hi. – Hi. – I’m Penny and these are
the KidVision VPK kids. – Hi kids.
– Hi. – And they’re here today to
find out about ice skating. – Welcome to Pines Ice Arena. I’m Ms. Jen, this is Ms. Christine. Are you guys excited? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Wonderful, well we’re
gonna to ice skate today. We’re gonna learn all about
how to put our skates on, march on the ice, and then we’re gonna learn
how to glide and skate, but we have to make sure
we’re dressed for the warm, cold, cold, cold air, okay? – Okay. – Does everyone have gloves on? – Yes.
– No. – Gloves keep your hands warm. (upbeat music) Jackets keep your body warm. (upbeat music) – Why would we wear
winter clothes in here? – So we don’t get cold. – Right.
– Exactly. So we can stay warm in the cold, so we can be safe and happy
while we learn to skate. That’s great cause
wherever you’re ice skating there must be … – Ice.
– Ice. – And does ice happen in
cold weather or hot weather? – Cold. – In cold weather. What do we wear on our feet? – We wear skates. The blade, here, makes a line behind it in the ice, it carves lines in ice. The boot is to keep your
foot nice and sturdy and the buckles are for tightening. – What do we have to know in order to get the right size of skate? – Our shoe size.
– We have know our size. – Your shoe size
– Excellent. because they’re shoes. (upbeat music) – Alright guys before we get on the ice, first we have to learn a
couple of things off the ice to make sure we’re safe. Sound good? – Yes. – So, first thing in ice skating, if you keep your feet all
the way out here on the ice, what do you think is gonna happen? – You’re gonna fall.
– You’re gonna do a split. – Yes, you’re gonna fall down
and you’re gonna do a split, not a good idea. So what I’d like to say is rule number one of ice skating:
keep your feet together but not touching because then
you’ll also lose your balance so a little bit of space
in between your feet. Rule number two is this: if you feel like you’re gonna fall down, don’t start leaning back
going crazy with your arms because then you’re gonna
lose your balance, right? – Yes. – So instead of doing that, what you do is you take your hands and put them on your knees if you feel like you’re gonna fall, that’s called safety zone. So let’s all stand up
and try a safety zone. So you feel like your gonna fall, take your hands and put ’em on your knees. Perfect guys, alright sit
back down, we’re good. Instead of sliding back and forth, what we’re gonna do is
pretend that we’re marching that we’re just lifting
our knees up and down like little soldiers, up, down, up, down. So let’s stand up and try marching. Alright so up, down, up, down, up, down, good, perfect team. Let’s try it on the ice,
let’s see your marching. Up, down, up, down, up, down. (whimsical music) – What’s an ice rink? – An ice rink is like
being in a gigantic freezer but the ice is frozen water. When you skate on it you glide across. – So an ice rink is a place
where people can go skating? – Yes. Ready? – Yeah. (everyone cheering) – Okay, here we go. – Okay, so everybody sees
my cones around the circle? – Yeah. – Okay so here’s what my game is. We’re gonna march, march,
march around my red line and every time we get to a cone we’re just gonna bend
down and touch the cone. So watch me do it really quick. With feet together we’re
gonna go up, down, up down, up, down, here’s my cone. I bend down, touch, after I do that one I march, march, march along my red line and then I bend down and touch the cone. We’re gonna go one at a time so I make sure you guys all understand. Devin, do you wanna go first? Awesome, alright so arms out. (upbeat music) – Alright guys, since
we had an awesome time in our ice skating class, the last couple of minutes you
guys are gonna play a game. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Does everybody see my stuffed
animals out in front of us? – Yes. – Yes, okay. We’re gonna march, march,
march, march all the way to grab a stuffed animal and then as your marching
back make sure you don’t fall, but we’re gonna have some bubbles going, you can pop a couple
of bubbles on the way. If you make it all the
way back without falling you get ten bonus points. (upbeat music) Alright, well guess what? If you do some lessons and
you practice really hard you can become really,
really good at ice skating like two of our professionals at the rink; we have Ethan and Lexi, come on out guys. Let’s say “Hi” to our really good skaters over here at the rink and one day maybe we can be like them. – Hi.
– Hi. – Hi guys.
– Hi. (classical music) – Whoo! (everyone cheering) – That was amazing, how do you feel? Congratulations. How does skating make you feel? – It makes me feel free. – It does? It makes him feel free. What do you think about his performance? – Good. Did you love it? – Yes. – Yes. Did you have a wonderful time? Thumbs up. – Yay. (everyone in unison) – What kind of things
do ice skaters do here at the end of a performance? – The bow. – The bow, let’s all bow
or do a curtsy, either one. A curtsy, oh my gosh. A curtsy. (giggles) I think I’ll bow. (everyone laughs) (upbeat music)

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