How to Ice Skate

How to Ice Skate. Follow this advice and you will soon be gliding
like a champion. You will need An ice rink Padded pants Ice
skates and patience. Skate only in areas that have been approved
as ice-skating rinks. Step 1. Practice falling with your skates on. Tuck in your arms, land on your rear, get
up on your hands and knees, and place your feet underneath you one at a time. Practice falls onto the ground before entering
the rink. Step 2. Practice stopping techniques while standing
still. Drag one foot behind the other at a 45-degree
angle, and shift your weight to the back skate to stop. Step 3. Once you’re on the ice, stand with your feet
six inches apart, toes straight ahead, knees slightly bent, arms out at your sides, eyes
forward, and your weight evenly distributed between your skates. Step 4. Turn your right foot to the two o’clock position
and your left foot to the ten o’clock position. Keep your weight evenly distributed and glide,
keeping both skates on the ice. Step 5. Shift your weight from one skate to the other
once you feel more confident. Step 6. Lift the skate opposite to the one your weight
is on slightly off the ground. Keep practicing this technique and you will
soon master the beginning steps of ice skating. Did you know Did you know? Figure skating was officially a summer Olympic
sport in 1908.

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