How To Improve Your Riding (Goofy) On A Snowboard

Improve your riding
Hi this is Nev Lapwood, We are riding at Whistler Blackcomb and this
tutorial is on how to improve your riding. We cover a few issues that happen to intermediate
riders, how to spot them and what you can do to fix it. This tutorial is mostly related
to body position. If you can get your body position correct, you’ll snowboard a hell
of a lot better and you’re gonna feel more comfortable jumping, riding the park and hitting
all types of features. Film Your RidingNearly all riders encounter
the same problems with snowboard technique. The problem is that most people do not know
that they have any of these issues going on until you’ve seen it on video.I’d highly recommend
for you to get out there and film your riding. Everyone has access to a video camera these
days whether it’s a Gopro or just the camera on your smart phone. Go up with a buddy, take
a lap out of each day, and film each other so you can go home and see what you look like.
This is going to do wonders for your riding. You will pick up so much stuff that you did
not realize was happening and you can compare your riding to mine or other pros that you
want to ride like. Ideal TurnsIdeal intermediate turns on a snowboard
should look like this. Each turn has a smooth consistent radius with your speed being controlled
throughout the turn. You’re knees should be bent with your hips pushed forward and a straight
upright back.You’re whole body should be making each turn together in unison with your upper
body and lower body aligned through your turns and your hips located central between your
feet. It should look and feel effortless. Straight LegsThe first problem that many people
have, is riding with their legs too straight. With snowboarding you need to bend your knees
so you can ride smoothly through all the little bumps and inconsistencies in the snow. Riding
with straight legs creates a bunch of other problems. When you try to make a heel edge
turn with straight legs this is what happens…You get this really awkward position where your
bums sticks out and your upper body bends over. I often see people riding in this bent
over position. It’s not stable and it’s not going to help your riding. In a straight legged
turn you often have a lot of weight out towards your heel edge, you may find yourself chattering
through your turns. Its like cha cha cha cha cha cha as your making that turn and you’re
probably going to fall over like this. What you want to do is be in this position, pushing
your shins into the front of your boots, while bending your knees and pushing your hips forward
which allows you to keep your back up straight. Riding in this position is going to give you
a lot of advantages, it puts the weight of your body over top of your board increasing
your stability and control. The flexed position will help to absorb bumbs, you’ll be able
to pop better from jumps and absorb your landings. This posture keeps you upright and it’ll help
your riding a lot. One of the strategies you can do to improve this is get strapped into
your board and feel this position of pushing your shins into the front of your boots and
your hips forward.Hold onto something for balance and feel what it’s like use the toe
and heel edge. To pressure your toe edge push your shins into the front of your boots then
push your hips forward like. For your heel edge, try to keep your shins pushed into the
front of your boots then sink your hips down towards you high back and lift your toes to
create edge.While riding, traverse across a quite run on your toe edge. Push your shins
into your boots and push your hips forward. It’s much easier to feel this on the toe edge.On
your heel edge, see if you can still push your shins forward into the front of your
boots, then sink your hips down slightly lifting your toes to create edge.Adding forward lean
to your bindings is a simple way to help achieve this body position.The high-backs of all good
snowboard bindings can be set into a more forward position like this. I personally ride
with a lot of forward lean as I like the extra response it gives your riding and I recommend
it to most riders.If you ever see a gap between the back of your boot and your high-back while
riding on the toe edge then I’d recommend adjusting your bindings so they have more
forward lean. To avoid your turns chattering you need improve
your ability to apply pressure to your edges. Ride straight downhill gaining a little speed
then come to a stop on your heel edge as quickly as you can. Once stopped take three hops uphill
on your heel edge. This is tricky but will help to develop your skills. If your legs
are too straight then you’ll probably fall. This exercise helps you to build and release
pressure quickly over the edge of your board. Ride downhill again, this time come to a stop
as quickly as you can on your toe edge. Jump 3 small hops downhill on your toe edge. This
exercise forces you into flexing with your knees and ankles which will translate into
your riding improving your ability to control pressure through turns.
Counter Rotation For smooth controlled riding, you want your
upper body and your lower body to be inline with each other because it gives you better
balance and stability in your riding. One of the most common problems for intermediate
riders is riding with a body position that is not aligned. You’ll see riders cruising
with their upper body turned this way facing forwards. It’s not very stable, if you hit
a bump it’s likely you’ll get thrown off balance and may crash. Instead you want to be like
this with your upper body and lower body inline with your board.You’ll see a lot of people
going down the mountain doing something like this, with awkward turns constantly out of
alignment. It’s called counter-rotation where your upper and lower body become disjointed,
not working in harmony and twisting against each other to make a turn happen. This especially
happens when doing turns onto your toe edge. On this freeze frame you can see how this
guys upper body is completely out of alignment with his lower body. If you compare this with
my riding, you’ll see that every time I make a turn, my upper body and my lower body are
almost always heading in the same direction. It looks smooth, balanced and effortless as
I flow through each turn. If you can get your riding like this, you’ll be more comfortable
with everything else you learn on a board.On flat ground this what good alignment looks
like. When I do a toe edge turn you’ll see my upper body helps to initiate the turn,
my shoulders, my hip, my knee and everything goes in the same direction. On a heel edge
turn my upper body turns, my hip turns and my knees turns all in the same direction.
You probably won’t know whether you counter rotate your turns or not until you get to
see your riding on video. If you do, you’re going to want to try and break this habit
to increase the stability in your riding. One tactic you can try is to grab your pants
while riding. This will aid as a subtle reminder to keep your upper body and lower body moving
together in the same direction through each turn.Imagine you have a poll that goes through
your body and you’re holding onto each end of the poll. To turn your snowboard, you turn
the pole through your hips. Turn the pole this way and you’ll initiate a toe edge turn.
Turn this way for a heelside turn. After you’ve got the idea relax and try to make it look
natural again riding with your upper and lower body in alignment.
Un-centered HipsMany riders get into the habit of sliding their back foot around on each
turn going from side slip to side slip rather than having nice round turns.
This is usually the result of having your hips slightly too far forward and a little
too much weight over your front foot. If your direction of snowboarding is more
downhill rather than nice round turns, your not using a lot of space on a run and you
see a lot of snow being washed downhill after each turn then you are probably sliding your
back foot out. If you look closely at my riding, you’ll see
that my hips are in the center of my board as I go through each turn. If your hips aren’t
in the center than your body position is not as stable as it could be. On a mellow slope
try hopping while you traverse on your toes. The point is to get a flexing motion going
especially with your back knee. Now during a turn, see if you can do 4 hops through your
turn. This tactic brings your weight back to be more central over both feet. It also
makes your turns a lot wider and rounder so you’ll take up more terrain through each turn,
which helps to fix this issue. After several turns with hops, continue to ride the slope
doing big wide turns taking up lots of terrain.Another tactic to get the weight off your front foot
is to try to do turns up the slope.To ride uphill you need to transfer some of your weight
slightly more to your back foot. If you stay over your front foot you’ll feel that it’s
much more difficult getting your board to ride up hill at the end of your turns.
SummaryThis tutorial outlined a few of the common problems that occur with intermediate
riders as they are progressing. You want to make sure you remove any of these issues that
may be in your riding and try to copy the technique and body position of experts. Make
sure you get out there and film a few laps with your buddies. Analyze your own riding
from the video and compare it with mine to see where you can improve. This is Nev Lapwood, Our goal is to you improve your riding!

51 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Riding (Goofy) On A Snowboard”

  1. I see alot of people throwing their arms around when turning which is something I did when I first started out. Makes sense because you constantly need to keep balance by keeping your body align. Practice, practice and some more practice with some friends. I wish I knew all these techniques when I started boarding in the late 90's.

  2. Since you mention it, I find myself doing a counter rotation all of the time. Thanks for this I can fix and improve my turning stance.

  3. Hi,great tip video.Can you please check-out my snowboardind video on my channel to tell me if I have too much counter rotation because I can't judge for myself ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. But when you're doing short swift Ss isn't it harder to keep your upper body in line? I feel like thats why most people do counter-rotations. I have a heavy board and on my second season now but cant do proper turning i guess. I do very quick s turns if i want, im comfortable with it but i do find myself twisting my body. I also attempt and do long S carvs and thats when my body is more alligned.

  5. also another trick to correct counter rotation problem is to grab the front bottom of your jacket with both hands to disable the counter rotation movement completely focusing on your foot movement and timing to engage the edge instead of throwing the board around.

  6. Awesome vid I've always known I was doing something wrong but didn't know what. I totally look like that counter rotated guy. Gonna fix it asap.

  7. great channel! new to it but starting to like it. I consider myself new to snowboarding, done it 6 times, but i've already improved in turns and can do these carving and turning (doing S) comfortably — obviously i have issues like this one (counter rotation) and sometimes i loose balance while going fast. Would you consider me an intermediate rider? or should i read upon more beginner stuff. cheers!

  8. This has helped me so much. I can almost keep up with my friends who ride alot faster and harder. My carving feels so much more centered.ย 

  9. Everything you say here applies to me, especially about the toe edge. I will keep on practicing though so next year I can start doing some jumps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. When I try to turn on the toe edge it's so easy to panic and the immediate thing I do is compensate with that counter rotation but I guess that's the intuitive thing to do when learning how to ride?

  11. I did this staring out. Kinda helped me in learning how to go down slopes, using my hands and upper body to start turns. (Its still kinda fun to do it sometimes) but with less crazy motions :p

    But I ate shit alot haha. And learned the hard way, no one ever taught me how to Snowboard. But now I've quieted my arms and synced my body and board perfectly.

    Now I fly down double blacks like nothing. Only been riding for about 2 whole seasons. It came naturally coming from skateboarding. Something that helped me, is just leaning down the mountain with my arm slightly in front, pointing where I wanna go…

    Also I feel like going fast is alot easier to have control under my feet then going slow. So I've just adapted to a more aggressive style. Anywho, hope you guys improve your riding with each passing year ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I've only been boarding for half a spring season but dang I've been doing it wrong the whole time. Thanks for the tips! Can't wait for next to season start to see how this improves me ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I am so excited to apply your tips on the mountain this year! I can't wait for the season to start. Hopefully I make it out to Whistler this year too! I have a season's pass at Cypress ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for your vids

  14. yes, i'm sure i do this.. especially when tired.. you guys should make a fitness workout too (if you haven't yet)

    thanks a lot it's good (even from Aussies!)

  15. Thanks for sharing. When the slopes are crowded it seems like these smooth turns will one, get in the way of other riders and two, I feel being a beginner that I would not be able to slow down enough? What I have been doing is throwing out my back foot through out my ride to slow and to stay out of people's way. If you have time to pint me in the right direction it's much appreciated. Happy Holidays

  16. thank you so much. I have been ridding for about 3 years now and i finally understand what I've been doing wrong and it has improved my ridding emenselyย 

  17. Thank you so much! I can finally ride faster now that my body is properly aligned! Couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong because I thought I knew how to "S" turn. So much better now, thanks!

  18. hi i am a newbie and i wold appreciate any help and tips, I have problems when changing direction while gaining speed, what should I do? thanks for any help

  19. This cleared out so much, but I still have a question. I can't help it, but sometimes it happens automatically that my body and board aren't in the same direction. When I was learning how to snowboard they taught me: look where you want to go, bring your shoulders and arms to the same direction and let your legs follow.
    My question is: if I stay in 1 line like this video, how can I see where I'm going?

  20. i am having the exact same mistake and i have been snowboarding for a while now, in order to change this habit should i change my snowboard stance? i am a goofy and i ride with my left foot pointing slightly to the inside
    thanks for your advice guys!

  21. there are other boarders out there who emphasize a silent upper body facing down hill as you turn and carve. this is particularly noticable with the racers where only their lower body seems to be moving. what do you think of that way of turning?

  22. ive been doing counter rotation for a while, no wonder on video something looked wrong. cant wait to go and practice not doing that

  23. Some small tips for people having counter rotation problems,

    1: While you snowboard and try do do some smooth turns, try to cross your arms and hold them together on your back/backside, that will lock your shoulder into the right position alined with the board and prevent your back shoulder to counter rotate forward/doing a counter rotating movement, you will then littelary force your body to do turns the right way while being in line with the board with the shoulders, it might feel wierd but helpful to get the right feeling and movement.

    2: Lot's of counter rotaters have a tendency to have way to much weigh on their blackleg at the point of turning, which will result with a forced kicking turn, forcing the turn by kicking the board with the backleg is very normal and not the best habit.. the key is to rather have most of your weigh on your front leg/knee at the point of pivoting, so turn with your nose! Not with your tail, turning with your nose will result the board making a more natural shaped turn, it will feel more smoothly and you won't have that ''Forcing turn kicking feeling'' which can cause lot's of counter rotation, so just keep in mind to lean forward your hips to your front knee when you turn and it will feel more smoothly. Another trick is to try to grab your nose with your hand at each turn to get the movement.

    3: Imagine that you have your genitals reached out of your pants and are going to take a piss in the snow while riding, you will then need to push your hips forward and bend your knees to not piss on yourself, that is the position that you wanna be able to maintain pretty much all the time while snowboarding, when you have managed that you will float on clouds.

    4: Just let your board do the job, the board is the car and doing all the heavy stuff, you're just the rider, holding the wheel and smoothly burning across the road without doing too much effort, that is when you feel the magic, don't force the turns with counter twists and kicking legs, just coordinate the body into the right position and the board will do the rest for you. Don't stand too tall, just feel like a cool badass with relaxed joints, and always, always try to have 50/50 wheigh on your both legs, but as i said previously having slightly more weigh at your frontleg won't do anything bad, aslong as you don't lean back. (except for extreme powdays)

    Keep shredding people

  24. Great video. Very helpful. At the end of this video it said this is only a section. Where can I find the full version? And I note that the subtitle is not consistent with the picture, while still very useful. Is that for another video?

  25. Last year when we did our snow trip I was getting frustrated at how I looked in some of the footage we shot. I had somehow gotten worse at snowboarding. Maybe it was the skipped season beforehand with no riding at all, but I noticed that I had been throwing myself into the turns rather than working together with the board. This video is awesome. Thanks heaps, next time I'm on the hill I'm dedicating a day to improve my posture and technique.

  26. what you are showing are people who are having fun.when people have fun and be left alone – you don't rag on themyou idiot…your demo guy is too stiff anywaysnot enough "loose" flexion…

  27. Great information! Helped me learn! Check my video to see the progress of snowboard addiction ! #gang I just hit @Revelstoke last weekend for the first time and it was GNARLY. I am sure anyone who has been can agree! I just posted a new Revelstoke Vlog – Tagged Along A University Ski Trip #powland

  28. Sweet vid and good points, but the commentary is so cock it was almost unwatchable haha. Hope you managed to get all that smoke out of your ass! Lol

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