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What’s up guys? Kevin here from SnowboardProCamp. In this
video I’ve got a few tips for doing Indy grabs. An Indy grab is when you
grab your snowboard with your back hand, between your bindings,
on your toe edge. Indy’s are a good beginner grab
because you’re reaching straight down, so it’s easy to stay balanced in the air.
I’ve got three tips to help you learn this grab and to help you make it look stylish. The first tip is to get a good pop off the lip of the jump. Popping off the lip will give you much
more height and time in the air to complete the grab. The jump I’m hitting
is small but because of the pop, I’ve got lots of time to get to grab. The second tip is to suck your knees up in the air. As you leave the lip bend your knees as much as you can. When you go for the grab, you won’t have to
reach far because your snowboard will be right there. The third tip is to tweek out the Indy grab to make it look stylish. Twist your body in the air to get your snowboard sideways and straighten your back leg, while
bending your front leg to bone it out. You can use these same tips to make all
your grabs easier and more stylish. If you guys have any
questions or if you have any tips for Indy grabs you can leave them in the comments
section. Let me know if there are any other grabs you want to learn. Subscribe to see more trick videos.
Thanks for watching!

26 thoughts on “How to Indy Grab – Snowboarding Tricks Goofy”

  1. Hi i Need some help dude.i already Know 360 and stylish Grabs. how Do i combine those two Tricks to make 360+indy Grab .im going to shred soon so pls.i wanna Know thx trick

  2. Hi! It would be sooo nar and nice if you could do rail videos, staying on, not slipping bs and fs board , presses all that

  3. Unfortunately there's no snow in my country yet…
    But Excitement frows day by day!
    Thank you guys for such video, exactly what is needed 🙂

  4. Hello Kevin How are you?  First of all Thank you so much for all of your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video on "Cross Under Turn".. I think I will be able to understand fully if you explain it..  Thanks heaps !! 

  5. So when you tweak is just a leg movement or do you alter your hips 90° also how do you reset to straight after the tweak

  6. I think I'm going to try this next week when I go! This is my 3rd season snowboarding and my 1st season with my own gear. My friends have been riding longer and are better than me, but they said I picked it up quick. I've only been hitting like 3-4 foot table tops about 3 weeks ago and started getting comfortable being in the air and landing. Hopefully we get some decent footage!

  7. i really dig your tutorials. they're very easy to understand step by step vids. theyve helped me out a lot. thanks bro

  8. Just wanted to say that these videos are very helpful and i wanted to say keep putting out good content because they are great!

  9. I just cant suck my knees up. Feels impossible. No matter how hard I try the board just isnt there. Its always a few cents further than my hand can reach…

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