How to JUMP on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Welcome to SnowboardProCamp! This is Kevin I’m a snowboard coach in
Whistler B.C. Here are some tips to help you stomp jumps in and outside of the park. Learning to hit jumps is the first step
to riding park and learning tricks. To start you want to find a jumped to practice
on where you’re comfortable with the amount of air and confident you’re going to make the
landing. From jumping off the slope, small jumps in the park, to larger jumps. Find the right size jump for your
ability. As you ride into the jump, do a few
turns to set your speed. You want to have enough speed to clear the
knuckle of the jump but not too or you’ll pass the transition and
land flat. Once you have your speed right Point your snowboard straight and flat towards the lip. As you get to the lip of the jump pop your board into the air by jumping level from your flat base or you can pop a clean Ollie. Getting a level pop will keep you balanced
in the air. To keep your boards straight in the air Make sure your back hand is over your tail and your shoulders are parallel to your
board. In the air suck your knees up to keep
yourself compact and balance. This will also make it easy to go for a grab. Spot your landing from in the air and prepare to bend you knees to absorb landing
and ride away clean. I like to plan a heel turn after landing
to control my speed and I can see any obstacles that may
be in the landing. To recap find a jump that you’re comfortable with, do a few turns on the ride in to set
your speed, pop your board level into the air from a
flat base, suck your knees up, spot the landing and prepared to bend your knees to ride it out clean. Leave any questions about this trick in the
comment box below and subscribe to SnowboardProCamp to
check out upcoming trick videos.

100 thoughts on “How to JUMP on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks”

  1. Hey Kevin, I recently tried the big jumps but I could never get the speed right. I have tired to watch others go on it but I still couldn't get it right any tips on how so get the right amount speed? Possibly make a video? Thanks.

  2. Question:
    When you approach the lip when you say POP your snowboard. Is it an Ollie where you put pressure on your back foot or you POP like just suck your knees up high like a regular jump. If either or will work which one is best?


  3. when I go off a jump im alright in the air but every time i land lose my balance and fall evry time, i just can't keep my balance when I land please help?

  4. try keeping your boady low and bending. Also keep your boady strait.

    you willl get better with practice and so will I

  5. Ohh man it reminds me when I first tried my jumps I'm still not so good but I'm definitely better than when the season begin 🙂 just be confident and the speed you wanna take really depends on the size of the gap and the kicker if ur jump is 3 feet tall you should control ur speed alot and go straight at like 4 fr from the jump but if it's a 15ft which I'm doing currently I strongly recommend to just go straight and don't turn at all. And remember starts small build your way up the mountain goo

  6. If your landing on your back or chest then you're not jumping straight up into the air. Try getting your 180 down just jumping off the flat ground first to get the basics dialled.

  7. By popping I mean to jump off both feet even. That's the best way to keep you level in the air for your spin.

  8. If you're falling every time then you should find some smaller jumps to practice on. Even jumping as you ride on the slope.

  9. Hello, i want to buy my first snowboard:
    i like to be on the piste and to do some tricks and jumps im 1,78cm and i weight like 62 Kilo, what board should i get? i want to switch my feets so right front and left i dont know what board i should get please help me

  10. The best thing is to be as balanced as possible, and make sure to absorb the landing. When you land, bend your knees a little bit so the touchdown is softer. That might be your problem.

  11. I can do decent size jumps but yesturday I tried a bigger one and it threw me into a backflip. How do I not get thrown into a backflip. Its only happend once but now im nervous itll do it again? Please help.

  12. when i jump off i´m so full of adrenalin that i can´t suck my knees up. every time i straight my legs and don´t get it to suck my knees up. landing and takeoff is not the problem. i land nearly all of my jumps but i want to try a grab or something.

  13. u just put your weight back when you 180 or 360, thats why u end up doing half a rodeo flip and land with ur back. Try to have ur weight in the center of ur board like when u ride 🙂

  14. when i go off a jump i always end up going backwards like a backflip and landing on my butt please help

  15. jump off both feet. dont just let the board do whatever. remember that you are in control of your board

  16. Question: I am 14 and I am having trouble with my 900s I spin so fast that I can't spot my landing and I end up landing blindly and more often than not, I wipe out, what can I do?

  17. i usually hit bigger jumps, but i find that in mid-air i start to throw my arms around to keep balance and it looks very un-neat and usually throws my balance off, any tips?

  18. it sucks not having confidence cause im afraid of breaking my arm again if i fall hard cause i can never get enough speed for my confidence

  19. Your videos are great and simplify everything. Broke my arm last season but I'm so ready to start park riding. Love from Colorado, Kevin!

  20. Hey SnowboardProCamp 🙂 So im 15 and been snowboarding for 5 years now, im pretty good but I get scared to do jumps… im afraid i wont land it and hurt myself. Do you have any advice ? I have a lack of courage

  21. How important is it to be able to ride switch? I ride regular and if I were to ride switch I feel like I would bust my shit because I feel like my right leg is way weak.

  22. My issue is goin heel edge when i come up to the jump and i end up falling when i land and slide out on my ass, i guess the heel edge is out of being nervice amy tips on how to keep myself from going heel before i hit the lip?

  23. So i realize you can hit it jumping off both feet or doing an ollie but is jumping off both feet considered the "novice" way? Im a sponsored skateboarder and I have the snowboard ollie on flat ground but i get screwed when taking it to the jump. I donno sometimes I feel like I can get more air out of just jumping then doing an olllie but is doing an ollie the more proper way?

  24. When u r jumping what if u r on a hill that has mini bumps cause that's the reason I can't land my jump how would u jump

  25. When u r jumping what if u r on a hill that has mini bumps cause that's the reason I can't land my jump how would u jump

  26. The best way to learn how to snowboard is to just do it…. Ny1 gonna b at big bear and wanna ride together? I'll be the guy with the Lamar board,and chino hills beanie

  27. ya I went off my first jump yesterday, it was fairly big and I didn't jump I just hit it, I flew, turned myself with my chest facing the ground and then impact. now I have a black eye -_- need some practice, thanks for the help.

  28. Kevan I was your student cole I was wondering if you don't have enough confidence and you think your going to fall how to raise your confidence in snowboarding

  29. Hey I tried a jump 2 weeks ago slow speed jump when I approached it I caught a edge supermaned over the top (belly just missed the jump) rolled on the snow and manage to continue. That for me was a trick but you didnt really explain how your weight transfer or approaching stance should be clearly for me. I work at cypress in vancouver so id like to explore new things. I learnt this years and already near black runs. So id like to no a few extra things.

  30. When your landing how do u a absorb more impact cause iv been snowboarding for 7 years and. A big problam is my knees give out when I land and I colaps and fall

  31. I have been snowboarding for a while now and I thought it would be great for me to try out some park so I did mad your tips really helped me succeed! Thanks

  32. Thank you.  I don't snowboard myself, but I'm writing a scene where a character uses a jump to escape a cave bear, and I don't want to write anything obscenely inaccurate.

  33. The main problem I have – My snowboard (and legs) travels faster than rest of the body and I hit the landing vertically with my butt or hip:(

  34. I've been boarding for about 3 years and I'm finally comfortable with trying something besides carving, and I'm so excited to try this tomorrow!! Thanks, I love these videos! 

  35. Do i have to keep my arms down in the air? Beacause when i jump they go to up by themself. And is it easier to ride with snowboard the right foot in front of snowboard? 
    I would be grateful if you answer:-)

  36. Sometimes when I jump, I rotate forward or backwards. I don't know how to jump without having my body rotating. Usually it ends up with me bailing and falling on the ground. How can I stop rotating while in the air?

  37. I'm decent, I can hit small/medium jumps and land "perfectly" flat and I want to hit big jumps. Is it more steps or do I just need to commit to it?

  38. I've been told by a coaching friend of mine that its a good idea to do a dry run beside the jump you're gonna hit so you can get a good idea of how fast you need to go and what the landing will be like (obstacles, other jumps, etc.)

  39. All my buddies our doing insane stuff now and I feel vary bad what should I do. I can do grabs and stuff but there are these jumps called the big three in my park I don't know if I should just yolo it or not? And please watch a few of my videos on my page

  40. I tried jumping a few times off some smaller jumps. End result is I usually land it but fall once I land either on my heel or toe edge. Also should i be popping the board up or just going straight off the jump? thanks Maybe practice jumping in the park before going into the Terrain park?

  41. Last was my first time snowboarding. At the end of the week I was determined to do a jump but could only find a massive one (or it felt like it was). It took me about 5 failed attempts to land it, I even managed to lose my goggles while rolling down the hill. When I did land it though I was soo gassed aha

  42. Can you tell me how to land on a snowboard I'm of to les arcs next year and I would like to do some park if I can I have never bin snowboarding before

  43. Hey guys I'm 13 (probably turn 14 this snow season unless it ends early) and I was just wondering if I could try doing rails? This will be my 3rd year and I started doing boxes and my first black last year.

  44. What do you mean by "pop the board level from a flat base".  Does this mean just jump with the board once it's leaving the jump, and keep it roughly parallel with the hill slope?  Or like… maintaining the incline of the jump?

  45. i seem to lose balance and tip sideways slightly and end up landing hard and then board slips from under and i go on my butt. thats on a big jump small jumps im ok.. any tips?

  46. Idk if you already have a video on it or not but can you go over how to do a jump and land off jumps that are angled or when you jump and land not pointing down the mountain it's kinda hard to explain what I mean hopefully I did but it's usually a jump on like the side of the trail where you jump back onto it. I keep going off and either landing on my face or butt.

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