How to Laydown Carve Gybe

the laydown job is normally used when you’re overpowered normally from solanum satyrs because they’re using two bigger sails so by laying down the law allows to ditch the power the lay down look dives a little bit like a carved job you’re going to need a massive bear away in lots of speed but because we’re tiny little bit overpowered we’re going to need to bear away a little bit more as you go into the job as a sail goes light that’s when we’re going to get the sail as low as possible laying down the law you see your preparation for the laydown job is exactly the same as any other carve and maneuver lots of speed bear way back hang down unhooking drop low as you later sail into the turn over sheet with your back hand and swing your frontal arm past your shoulder look at the top of the mast for a split second then use the momentum of swinging back to swing the sail forward across your body but just make sure as you bring the sail up you’ll counterbalance that you’re looking for your exit change your feet rig flip and away you go here you can see as I do my preparation the board starts to accelerate downwind I’m going to drop down nice and low and take my back foot out the foot strap it’s going to create a sense line ready to slide across as I enter the turn as I enter the turn I’m going to try and drive both my knees into the bottom of the sail trying to push all my weight from my front foot as a sail goes light I’m going to open up the sail but keep my weight on the inside of the turn I’m ready to do my foot change my front foot is going to come out the foot strap across the centerline I’m going to go heel to toe then I’m going to step forward to flatten the board off and let everything settle so from this angle you’ll really be able to see how load a cell gets to the water so it lots of speedy bears away and does his preparation as he enters the turn the sail goes back and his body comes forward you just got to be aware with the lay down job you’ve got to be much more aggressive with the rig laying it back and then also bring it up and across your body

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  1. My biggest problem is, when I lay down my sail, i can't get it up. It stays down. Any suggestions? Maybe it's just cause I'm to light? I only weigh 50 kg and driving a 7,8 north ram?!

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