How To Make A Custom Skateboard Pt.1

This is the bread-and-butter of the Roarockit Skateboard Company This is the Thin Air Press vacuum bag the Thin Air Press or TAP bag is a
multifunctional tool used for laminating and bending veneer projects today we’re going to focus on creating
your own custom skateboard using the vacuum bag and we’re gonna focus on the gluing
portion and getting it into the bag the drying times gonna take about eight
hours so we’re gonna cover cutting and sanding your board another video so first you need to make sure they have all your
materials in front of you kind of a mental check list it’s very
important to make sure that you got everything ’cause once you start you
can’t stop it essentially what you’re gonna need is you foam mold you can check out the custom shape foam mold
tutorial to get an idea about how to make your own you got all your layers of veneer glue roller of course the TAP bag the breather netting the hand pump and your glue rubber bands are also something that can
help with the process you’ll see how later and you may want to grab an apron if
you don’t want to get glue on your clothes so I’m gonna get Marcel and our good friend
Nico to show you how to press a board Hey guys it’s Marcel and this is Nico he’s going to
help me out with the build and we’re gonna press a quick board here.
We’ve got seven layers of the veneer and we’ve done this before hand but your going to want to sort your layers accordingly so you’ve got your face on
the outside core on the inside and your cross grain spread evenly throughout the board another thing you can do is oppose the cup of the board and this helps flight any warping that might happen as it would dry over time so let’s get started It can help if you have someone pour the glue for you as well, as you roll each layer once all the layers have been glued place the veneer on the foam mold and slide the project into
your bag Place the breather netting under the valve to
help air evenly evacuate from the bag as you pump Press the sealing tape down firmly to seal the bag and prevent air from escaping. Good work guys so your gonna want to check your bags every once in awhile for the next couple hours make sure you got no leaks if you do you can fix the bag afterwards, but make sure it’s nice… and airtight so we’re gonna come back in eight hours, show you how to cut the board sand it finish it maybe even ride it.

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  1. awesome tutorial guys but one question, i don't have a vacuum bag like that and i live in Venezuela so it's a little bit hard to get one of those, what other way do i have to press the veneers ?. sorry about my english. cheers.

  2. We can send our vacuum bags to Venezuela! email us if you are interested…otherwise, there are a few options you can find online for pressing veneers.

  3. I tried this yesterday but the bag went into the concave cut outs rather than pressing the wood
    Any suggest

  4. a couple questions and one is a two sided question.

    1. how is the pop on your boards/ is there a special kind of vineer wood that should be used? i don't wanna just buy whatever is there and I also don't want to spend more than is necessary just to get the wrong wood.

    2. How many layers/sheets of wood is standard?

    3. If you could, could you make a video on how to put graphics on it? I have a design…but I don't wanna hand draw it.

  5. Woukd you consider this to be a better investment than buying a new deck…and how much would it cost to buy all the equipment.. Great video btw.. Hope you get this

  6. @Kenta Dedachi our vinyl bags are custom made for working with raw materials repeatedly without damaging the bag. Ours are typically a thicker gauge than what you might find out there.

  7. I want to know if I can sell and send a thin air press vacuum bag, I live in Cali, Colombia in South America and really want to start making my own boards, the industry of skateboarding is growing in my country and I want to start making my own boards I am very eager to start.

  8. Hey does anyone know were i can get a mold or how to make one and what are the measurements @Roarockit @Roarockit Skateboard @Roarockit Skateboard Company

  9. This looks awesome, but how do you keep the glue from getting all over the inside of the bag while pressing? Wouldn't the glue seep from between the plys once pressure is applied?

  10. Hi Malachi Moody,

    You can totally use another deck as a mold if you like but that introduces a lot of other complications that you'll have to adjust for and, like commercial skateboards from all your favourite brands, the shape will never be the same as the original design due to material offset.

    Besides, now you've just made someone else's deck. We think the fun of making custom boards is building YOUR design – something tailored for YOUR feet, YOUR stance, YOUR style of riding. Or "THEIR", if you've got a client to build boards for 🙂

  11. Do you guys ship materials out to Australia? I really want to make an order but not sure if roarockit ships out to this neck of the woods.

  12. Does the veneer need to be cut to the same size as the mold before you put it in the air press? Or do you cut it to the shape of your template afterwards?

  13. Как такие пакеты по русски называются? How this Thin Air Press is called in Russian?

  14. Very cool. I really wanted a kick on mine but need to figure out a way with a solid board. I just built my own solid wood cruiser and shot a video for it, I had a lot of fun making the board

  15. Friend. I need to buy! where? as? I'm from Siberia, we have a lot of good wood, and no one does Skateboards! I'll be the first one! Help !!! ))

  16. I noticed that in this video you glued both sides of each veneer , when in your other video you glued only one side then went to the next veneer ? Which one is better to do ? (I'm making a longboard)

  17. I bought a TAP kit and noticed the following:
    1. Work on vacuum bag pump is on the upstroke, not the down stroke, which is a little weird at first
    2. I rounded the corners on all sheets so they don't dig into the bag as it shrinks down – the bag does stretch
    3. The bag is so sticky that I don't even need the tape to get a good seal – I just roll the tape end of the bag under the mold, keeping it flat so the two sides can cling together, and it holds a vacuum. I haven't tried to see how long it lasts, but it definitely lasts a few minutes.
    4. The rubber bands really help because my wood started curling when I put the glue on it
    5. I was pretty liberal with the glue so I wrapped the board in a peel ply to keep it from getting glued to the mold or the bag.

    BTW, did you invent that bag w/ integrated valve? Somebody there did some pretty good engineering.

  18. Can you please explain exactly how to “oppose the cup of the board”? Do I alternate each veneer so the cup is in opposite directions? Do I just make the top and bottom surface opposed? Also, my Roarockit veneers came and the are not all exactly the same size, should I trim them to match the smallest size? Finally, should I round the corners to help prevent piercing the bag?

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