How to Mount GoPro on Surfboard | StokeShare + Wavehuggers

Hey my name is Helena. Welcome to the
StokeShare and Wavehuggers “Get Radical” video series. today I’m going to teach you how to
mount a GoPro onto your surfboard. The first step is to wipe down the area
where you’ll be sticking the mounts. So when you’re ready to stick the mount
onto the board, you want to peel off the sticky back. I like to stick mine about four inches from the nose of the board and then make
sure you put it right in the center. You want to press it down and make sure
it sticks. Next it’s time to stick down the anchor so you want to do the same
thing and peel off the back of it and then you want to just put it right in
line with the cutout of the base mount. After you stick the mount to the board you
want to make sure to wait 24 hours before you actually use it and bring it
out into the water to give the adhesive a chance to set. now I’m going to put my
camera into the case before I put it onto the mount. Now that the camera is in
the case it’s time to attach it to the quick release plate. So first we’re going
to use the tether. This is just made to connect the camera to the mount for
extra security. You’re gonna wrap the tether around the threading of the
quick-release plate right down the middle then you’re gonna connect the
quick-release plate to the case of the camera. Now we’re gonna take this screw just to
tighten it together. The tether connects to the anchor so we’re gonna loop the tether through the anchor and push the camera through the loop. Now we’re going
to slide the quick-release plate onto the mount slide it all the way back so
you hear it click and then you can push the tab down and then angle the camera
up. Now that my GoPro is mounted to my surfboard I’m ready to get out there and
get the shot. Thanks for watching guys and make sure to follow StokeShare and
Wavehuggers on social media and subscribe to our channel for the next
how-to video.

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