How to Shape a Surfboard : How to Pre-Plane a Surfboard

ABE TOKE: Hi. Welcome to Expert Village, my
name is Abe Toke. I’m going to take you through step by step to shape yourself a complete
surfboard. When you’re setting up the plane, that weight comes in handy, keeps the board
nice and stable while you’re using the planer. Before I do that, sometimes, I’ll clean up
some of these–a lot of these blanks. We’ll have a little bit highs and lows just in the
rough stage, so we’ll clean that up right before. My planer’s hooked up to a Shop-Vac.
Most people use probably dust collectors. Get everything really flat. Take a look at
it. There shouldn’t be too many twists or anything, but if there is, you want to hit
those, address that matter right away. I see a little bit of a high spot down here I’m
going to get, and then take care of the stringer lines a little bit high. So I’m going to hit
that with a planer and clean that up before I get I get into the full planing of the board.

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