How to Shape a Surfboard : How to Screen a Surfboard

ABE TOKE: Hi. Welcome to Expert Village, my
name is Abe Toke. I’m going to take you through step by step to shape yourself a complete
surfboard. Take these various different densities of these foams but generally, whatever you
can get your hands on. Obviously, the harder the foam, a little bit harder the sand. I
got about 100-grid on here relatively low density foam. And this will work great for
blending the board, all these other kinda blemishes. Not applying very much pressure, just nice
smooth pressure. I recommend not really using this too much because then you’ll start to
shape–reshape the board, so only to smoothen off some of these old marks. You see a couple
of these blemishes in the blank ’cause we used a second blank. If you used a first quality
blank, it shouldn’t end up with some of that stuff. If you do, you better let those guys
know. Don’t worry about stuff like this. You can get that with a Sparco fill or something
like that. Generally, you might want to start with a second blank because a lot can go wrong
and next thing you know you have wasted your $60 blank.

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