How to Shape a Surfboard : How to Shape the Tail of a Surfboard

ABE TOKE: Hi. Welcome to Expert Village, my
name is Abe Toke. I’m going to take you through step by step to shape yourself a complete
surfboard. Well, it’s a good idea to already have your tail shaped in. I’m going to go
ahead and do that right now. At this point, I usually like to cut the overhead light and
let these side lights do all the work. It really lets you see these hard angles that
you need to pay attention to in shaping the board. I have a series of tail templates.
This is just going to get your basic rounded and square tail. There’s a variety of tails
you can use, rounded pins, swallow tails, though each have a different feel to them
and different tendency. Rounded pintails and pintails are generally for hollower waves.
Rounded square tails are kind of all around. They’re good for all different types of waves,
and they’re a little bit looser in the smaller surf. Widths of the tails are definitely determined
how loose a board is or they can determine how loose the board is. Generally, the narrower
the tail, the stiffer the board. Generally, you can cut this off, save yourself a little
shear forming. That’s fine too. You go get yourself a little mini-saw. I’m just. Whenever
you start blending in these lines, you gotta really look down the line to make sure that
you don’t want to start up here if you’re shaping down here. So you start at these highest
points first. Usually, it works good pulling off the ends of the boards rather than pulling
into the board. Now, we got our tail shaped out the way we want it. We can get back to
these rails.

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