How to Shape a Surfboard : Learn the Proper Techniques for Cutting Your Surfboard

ABE TOKE: Hi. Welcome to Expert Village, my
name is Abe Toke. I’m going to take you through step by step to shape yourself a complete
surfboard. The top is going to be similar as the bottom. Just keep the planer nice and
flat. Go nice and smooth, slow. The slower you go, the smoother the cut. If you try to
go fast, you wound end up with some tears and you won’t be able make that up later.
I usually generally keep this nose–stay off the nose with the power planer, especially
if it’s your first couple shapes. You’ll find that you can usually shatter or break the
nose off pretty easily. That was another point I need to make before on this planing pass
here on the deck was that you generally want to keep that close to the outside. Don’t make
a super-deep cut on the deck. The foam tends to be like an eggshell. They’re tough on the
outside and they get softer on the inside. So you want the deck to be nice and sturdy
and hard. So take most of your planing passes off the bottom.

3 thoughts on “How to Shape a Surfboard : Learn the Proper Techniques for Cutting Your Surfboard”

  1. @betadryl captions are for people that are deaf. They do get in the way a bit on something like this. That big red CC next to 360p or whatever resolution you choose will turn this off. CC means closed captioned I think. No worries! Aloha

  2. Most of us hold the planer at an angle and run the base along the previous cut to keep everything flat. Running the planer strait creates ridges in the board as you see in this video. There are a million way to shape but not all methods are best… check out surfboard design and building guide for board building knowledge from engineers and manufacturers.

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