How to Shape & Make a Surfboard : How to Level the Stringer of a Surfboard

Hi. This is Kimo Greene. I’m here to teach
you how to shape a surfboard on behalf of Expert Village. This tool has a razor blade
inside of it that’s super sharp and I flip it over every other board or so and I change
the blade and adjust the depth so it’s just barely below or above the level of the block
plane. And it takes it down perfectly where you have a ridge like this. It takes off little
curly cues of thin basswood. Very important that your stringer doesn’t
exceed the height of your board because it will make it very weak and the fiberglass
will crack right along the stringer. That’s real important. See the green. And this is
basswood. It’s very strong and very light. I like putting bigger stringers in my boards.
It makes them stronger. A lot of my customers surf up on our north shore and the waves are
really strong up there. You get thousands of tons of water moving at one time and your
board will bend, bend, bend and then it will pop back.

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