How to Shape & Make a Surfboard : How to Repair Dings on a Surfboard

Hi, this is Kimo Greene. I’m here to teach
you how to shape a surfboard on behalf of Expert Village. I had a big wipe out over
the weekend. This string broke, and my board went up on the reef, making these gigantic
holes in my board. This is the same materials, fiber glass, so what we do is we sand the
area around the dinger pair, fill it up with a thickening agent with resin in it like that,
dual action sander. It’s good for blending, like for taking in a spot like this. Just
blends it in perfectly. And it’s real important to feel your work in between. Just a little
high here so… And when they’re sanded down, they look like this. That’s finished up here.
It’s nice and smooth. You basically your same shape – like this one – you can’t even see
that the nose was crushed right here. And so the whole idea about making the dinger
pair as good as you can so you can’t really see it. This is a good example of a perfect
dinger pair. Where it broke in half, you can’t even tell, where it broke.

4 thoughts on “How to Shape & Make a Surfboard : How to Repair Dings on a Surfboard”

  1. for cody116261… the white filler is a filler aigent called micro balloons..also called Q-cell..its a powder mixed with resin..after you fill it you glass over where you filled

  2. boo to this vid!! poor effort like all the expert village vids! its like they want a vid on how to do everything and dont care about the fact that their vids actually have very little information in them. effectively useless vid!

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