How to Shape & Make a Surfboard : How to Trim the Crust from a Surfboard

Hi this is Kimo Greene, I am here to teach
you how to shape a surf board on behalf of Expert Village. The outside of the blank is
called a crust. When I take the crust off, the blank is left with a virgin foam underneath,
and that is where I start. What I do first is check my work order and see what kind of
board I am going to be making, look on my specs, and see that this blank is big enough
for the kind of board I am going to make. So you are going to cut for a second and I
am going to start by skinning the bottom of the blank off. It is real important that when
you take the crust off, you leave the blank perfectly smooth like this. I know it looks
easy, but it’s really not,
I have just done it so many times.

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