How to Shape & Make a Surfboard : What Do the Fins on the Surfboard Do?

Hi this is Kimo Greene and I am here to teach
you how to shape a surfboard on behalf of Expert Village. As a surfboard maker, what
you are doing is directing water, hydro dynamically, so you want it flow. The way the “Thruster
Principle” works is that it utilizes the forward fin to set up the turn and the back fin finishes
it. It creates thrust but you have to be turning in order for it to work. If you just like
cruising through the water, they actually drag. That make the board go slower because
you have more surface. But if you keep them moving it creates a thrust through the board
and that is where my “Double Barrel” comes in too. The Double barrel, you can not really
see it, that is my secret, my top secret stuff you were talking about. It hydro dynamically
foils the water through the fins and creates lift and thrust at the same time. So it make
the board feel a lot shorter. Even though if you have a nine foot board or a ten foot
board, it will make it feel like it is turning like an eight foot board. I personally like
to ride a single fin board on a ten foot. A nine foot board I will ride a thruster,
just because I turn it more. It is a personal preference, depending on what you like. That
is the whole thing about surfing it is such an individual sport. That is the last thing
I do when I shape a board, is put the Double Barrel on it and I sign it and put a serial
number on it.

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