How To Skateboard for Beginners Step by Step

what’s up guys what he saw coyote
operates ride for a densely force actually i think you can just floating
above my head somewhere but today i’m here if you like the sports and i’m
going to show you the basics of skateboarding somebody teacher across
pretty senator images at a ride over dot thanks the core maneuvers you need to learn how to ride
a skateboard ike as the first thing you need to figure out what it is gay boris how to stand on the board there are two
ways of doing it there is guilty flooded which is right foot forward left of the
bag that’s really attendees regular flooded which is left important right on
the back there’s nothing different about these distances it’s whichever you feel
more comfortable with i myself and beautiful and it’s so hard to be saying
aboard with right before it laid-back for distorted pushing or
resting on the back door by would see a picture stands we take you leading foots
deadly uh… bellevue just on the front supports in your dispute bouchard replacement skateboard can build your
rolling no one’s really need to worry about getting an intimate shot down now for some people whose incomes
easiness to get on the board is riding the sunset but if you have any problems
with it if you while you lose your balance don’t get discouraged has plenty
of people have trouble reading a skateboard on you know don’t be afraid to grab a
friend idle disorder hold hands and everything to do to maintain your balance but i’ve skied
that it was an apprenticeship going to be able to write the scapegoat ops now
we have rolled down you have to worry about turning into basically straight
received word version of the leading understanding forward or backwards to
give it up or write gradual turn sustenance going back display them delve into the same thing
by moving forward entity display the second time turning its first
sharper transaction a pick up my friends of wheels and put them in a different
direction activist by applying it with a fresh
might help at lifting my friend a top sum up pushed off went to her different
direction was maybe a little more interesting planning in handling of iraq this is an
examination passivity general delegate it might seem
scary but there’s not much to it flat now that you’re ready to china’s good natural flat out there sometime for
jobs not much to understand that you like to
go down most likely be hit the bottom might slip out of the time for that’s
natural and now let’s get all this together
interests at stake for immunity twist a party elects to go to
the fun stuff like this a we but hope that helps you guys want to
roller skate board makes a stated he likely sports for morality two years i guess that that leads might take the
they wouldn’t let my kids and one of them up or did something to do going going around and there’s nobody
reminders of the time

100 thoughts on “How To Skateboard for Beginners Step by Step”

  1. Lol I have rare random dreams where I'm just Rollin around on a board and I'm like "dis is fun". I try IRL and I fall lol. Hopefully this vid helps 😀

  2. I'm learning and this really helped. Granted I've not been on a board yet but I am in like 10 mins. Going to collect it

  3. I'm too scared to even stand on a skateboard.. like i really want to learn how, hopefully this video could help me

  4. Great thank you i always has been using my bike bit yesterday i buy an skateboard and thank you i learn so now i can joing to my friends

  5. guys i have one question,i m a begginer skater and my skate turns right or left without i want it preventing me from keeping straight forward,is that normal or am i doing something wrong?can someone tell how to not do this and improve my balance??thnks and sorry for my bad english

  6. I watched other videos. They'd did not help as much. I like one. It Kind of made it interesting to watch. Other o e we're like.
    All done😒

  7. I'm 11 and I just got a skateboard. I'm doing baby steps. I got a non trick board cause I'm not really gonna go any tricks at all but maybe when I'm older. I'm watching videos and they make it look so easy but it's not at all. Lol. Well to me. I'm a girl but a tomboy so I wanna learn how to skateboard. I believe that I can do this and that's all I need. My style is punk I guess and I fell like this would make me look like a total boss at my school. None of the boys can do it and they laugh saying that I'm a girl and I can't do this like this but I'm gonna prove it to them that I can do this and they said that if I can do this, then they won't make fun of me or every girl in my school. I can do this, I know I can.

  8. Guys should you spend your first week just getting comfortable at riding and pushing while riding, then the second week you should focus on kick turns. A lot of people try doing kick turns right away, and because they aren't comfortable yet, they mess up fall.

  9. Thanks for the video, mate. My 8 year old wanted a skateboard for his birthday but was discouraged when he jumped on and "sucked". This video gave him some confidence, and a giggle at the end too 😊

  10. I'm 17 years old and about to start Skateboarding. I just bought a Santa Cruz for £75. The thing is I have NF1 and part of that is that I have a problem with my right leg, I grew up having operations on it to make it just like my left leg. It is weak and has a small amount of muscle so I have to wear a splint when I'm out which makes it 100000 times stronger! This foot wont be the one pushing on the floor but I was wondering, will my splint be enough protection to avoid a break? (search a leg splint on Google if your not sure what it is) if not, how can I fall safely?

  11. i am michael and i teach people how to skateboard step by step and the first thing you do on a board is to ride it like PROFESSIONAL

  12. Thanks! I just started skateboarding im 10 years old and immediately knew how to ride it and this vid really helped! Im mostly a natural but this just helped more!

  13. I've been trying to skateboard 4 half a year, I'm almost good at it, but it's so hard to find balance, and then not fall 😂😭

  14. Thanks, mate, I am 25, and I got a Toy Machine board with 14" Element White rims, I am Goofy btw, I already know how to do this, but is always good to refresh the basics 🙂

  15. I have turned 11 2 months ago so I started to ride my skateboard.My stance is goofy but when ever I ride I always turn to the left can I have some help

  16. I'm a girl and I just received my skateboard today from online . Its a purple venom scorpion skateboard…I love it but ive never had courage to step on one so I hope I can prove to myself that anyone can become what they put their mind into. I do inline skating which I used to be fraid to do and now I'm really good and not fraid anymore. I hope my skateboarding will turn out to be like tht too. Also I'm 17

  17. my issue is that i get too scared like "well if i push faster ill be GOING FAST and probably DIE MORE EASILY" xD i cnt go more than like 2 mph bc if i fuck up ill fuck up worse if im going fast rip

  18. I have a problem when i put my pushing foot back on, i have trouble turning my front foot sideways

  19. Im a 12 yr old girl and i have a HORRIBLE sense of balance not to mention i have a fear of breaking/injuring my bones since then i won't be able to use that limb for months.. and if i break my leg, then it's bye – bye to running, skateboarding, dancing and pretty much a lot of stuff i enjoy. But hopefully i will be able to get over my fears and gain confidence, and also hopefully a sense of balance lol

  20. thanks bro ive been looking for a goof tutorial for a loong tim eand when i found this i almost immediately knew the basics. i can ride the ripstick so i think that knida helps my balance but before watching this i could barely push without falling. hopefully with a few days of practicing i can even get an ollie 😀

  21. thank you now I now how to skateboard I am at my grandmas so that is why the  user name is a girl name

  22. I usually do tricks on rocks and grass in my backyard because I am afraid I am going to fall on concrete I've fallen like 10 times already

  23. Appreciable teaching technique👍 I was quite scared abt riding a skateboard but after watching this video m really full of confidence and now m gonna ride it! byee😁 I will become a skateboarding master one day😊☺

  24. I have lot of dreams that I'm fast & like a quarter horse on skateboard. Reality is, I'm 54 & haven't done this since age 15. Cripes! I'm asking for a skateboard for Xmas, nonetheless.

  25. I feel like I'm too clumsy to even make it move forward without breaking every single bone in my body 😩

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