How to Skateboard with Bam Margera | Bam Skateboarding

What’s up? This is Bam Margera I’m 32 years old, I’ve
been skating for about 24 years now, been pro for about 16 years, and today we’re going
to be teaching you some tricks. Some of my favorite tricks are Nollies, Varial
Hillflips, 360 Kickflips and pretty much anything on a mini ramp. If you’ve seen any of my videos, we’ve have
the CKY trilogy, the Jackass movies and show, One Step Beyond, Elementality and This is
My Element. Check some of those out and then we’re going
to get to some tricks, we’re going to show you how to do some tricks here at this very
skatepark here, that’s mine. So here we go.

100 thoughts on “How to Skateboard with Bam Margera | Bam Skateboarding”

  1. yo people he hasnt been able to really work out or skate due to the fact that he has bone spires in his feet so STOP with the fat shit he is still who he is and thats all that matters

  2. you guys are idiots. just because he hasn't been making skate videos for a while doesn't mean he quit. he probably doesn't give a shit about all the skate media because he skates for himself and not for your entertainment

  3. That shit hurt like hell.. People are retarded if they whine about such small things as a bit of overweight when there is a reason for it 🙁

  4. weight comes with age. and so does drinking alot.
    but that doesnt mean he's "Fat". i think he looks pretty good.

  5. Do not always have to be about being lazy.. Could be a Symptom of depresion or a injury making you unable to do things without hurting like hell.

    There is plenty of reasons why someone would put on a little weight other then being lazy.

  6. well that is a reason to right?

    and even if u are injured like that you could still avoid getting fat. Eating no more then your body needs etc. So, if you are injured and have gotten fat because of it then you are just weak-willed. And being weak-willed is just another sort of lazy.

    Fat people= worthless

  7. lmao i love how everyone thinks jus because his friend died that hes in a depression and is sooooo fat, hes doin jus fine he has family and friends behind him and who gives a fuck if hes put on a couple pounds!?!?! dont we all?????

  8. Ignore the Little Jerks. They're never gonna have that "larger than life, go anywhere, do anything cuz I can" life so they gotta find something to make them feel better about themselves. Who gives a rat's ___ what he looks like. It's personality that counts. Those who can't STFU about someone's outward appearance must not love themselves, inside or out. Bam's that type of person that people will naturally gravitate towards cuz of who he is.

    There will never be another Bam Margera!

  9. If you watch A Tribute To Ryan Dunn MTV Special which can be found on youtube Bam mentions that they were best friends 🙁

  10. he is an alcoholic and addicted to adderaL.HES WASHED UP NOT FAT- LOL

  11. he is really an alcoholic and he admited he adderal adicted…and his dad looks like a turd of shit…so whats your problem.i think bam is a spoiled anoying brat

  12. He hasn't gotten 'fat' his just grown up.. that's what happens when you grow up, but you'll find that out once you get out of 4th grade

  13. dude, Bam isn't eating all the time.. he has bone spires in his feet. He can barely skateboard or exercise. And he can get fatter quick, because Phil is naturally fat. So it's just down to him not being able to exercise enough. R.I.P Ryan Dunn

  14. skaters today think to be pro you have to be super tech. Difference between a good local skater and a pro to me are always speed and size. you might be able to do a flip trick into a tap grind and flip trick out. when someone like bam skates way faster off something way bigger and does a kickflip.

  15. He said the CKY Trilogy…I know BAMs as big of a drunk as I am nowadays but how'd he manage to forget there's FOUR cKyvids? lol

  16. Bam's look'in Healthy! BTW I'm pretty sure he could skateboard better then anybody on this form. If your better, then you would be pro, and won't be posting about it.

  17. Dang Bam no offense but shave off a few pounds lol i watch one of your shows. (When its ever on) and your a lot younger and skinnier(:

  18. -__- lost IQ his non related brother. Bam is adopted if you didnt know that, and his brother was the one with the beard in jackass

    ….Know your shit

  19. too much comments about him putting on weight XP so what he's a little fat? he can still skate WAY better than most of you wanna bees .

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