How To Snowboard Chutes & Couloirs

Now when we go out riding we’re going to experience little tight chutes or couloirs especially for getting into more extreme training. So a drill that I like to practice is the chute drill. So this this drill is to practice making turns in this little small environment of five to ten feet. I want to make sure that I make my turns quick. I really go out practicing before I start doing this drill quick turns and I’ve talked about dynamic movements and dynamic turns. Before you start doing this drill really practice a lot of quick turns, dynamic turns so that you’re able to get the board around very quickly. So you’re going to be making turns or when you’re in chutes you might have like three feet you know so maybe ten feet or whatever. But i like to make turns within five to ten feet. I’ll choose somewhere on the trail. I find a trail that’s got maybe some trees or a rope lying along the side. That’s one of my lines and then five to ten feet away from that I’ll have someone or what i usually do is I’ll draw it and I’ll have my students go down but I’ll choose one line that way I don’t have to make another one. I’ll just drag down put my hands in the snow and just drag like that. This little animation kind of shows you. Then I make my turns within that area. Now to make these turns I have to use a lot of rotation a lot of twist and I’m really more dynamic. At first I really try to emphasize making these turns with my board on the snow. Because when I get into steeper terrain and I jump turn as soon as I get that friction off the snow my center of mass, my my potential energy is going to take me down the fall line as quickly as possible. So I’m going to gain as much speed as possible. In a steep environment I want to keep my board on the snow. So I have effective edge and I don’t start gaining speed. If I jump turn as soon as I land I’m going to carry so much speed I might skid out or who knows I might hit a rock or something worse. Then after I do this drill sometimes i come back. I’ve already made a line and then I scoot it out further and I do It again. That way I can choose where my chute is. Is it this one I just made or do I you know follow the the next chute. That’s right here and I might vary it. Sometimes I might make the line as I come down maybe just a little bit. I’ll make It shorter and then go back to the original line. So you know that maybe it’s ten feet and then all the sudden it’s only like three feet. I have to make the turn right there because the chute is really narrow. We do this chute drill because we want to be able to practice turning quickly. This will not only help me in chutes but also like in trees as well. So this is very good practice to help me turn quickly. I feel safe navigating steep terrain and I do this because I might be experiencing places with steep terrain that I need to turn quickly. This is just one of the many tutorials that we have. Sign up for the full course at Give a subscribe, like and comment Cheers!

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