How To Spin 360 Flatland Butter’s On A Snowboard (Regular)

Spinning on the ground
The next flatland trick to learn and practice is spinning 360s on a gentle slope while moving.
This is also really good for your switch riding. Start by sliding a gentle backside 180, then
carry it on in the same direction with a switch frontside 180. Pay attention to which edge
is being used in the snow. On the first turn it’s your toe edge then the second 180 is
your heel edge. The idea is to gets these turns linked smoothly
together so that you’re spinning around and around smoothly like this and it doesn’t look
like linked 180s. Spinning slowly will safely give you the feeling
so take it easy on your first few tries as it’s easy to catch an edge.
You’re constantly changing between the toe and heel edge and it’s always your uphill
edge in contact with the snow. As you speed up the tempo of changing between
your toe and heel edge your spins will get faster. Hold the rest of your body still and
rotated towards the direction you’re turning.  
Spinning in only 1 direction will make you dizzy so be sure you do an equal amount of
turns in the opposite direction, sliding a frontside 180 on the snow and following through
in the same direction with a switch backside 180. Heel edge, change to toe edge, to heel
edge, to toe edge. Start with slow linked 180s being careful
not to catch your edge. Keep you body slightly wound looking in the direction your rotating
and gradually smooth the spins and speed up by changing edges faster.

19 thoughts on “How To Spin 360 Flatland Butter’s On A Snowboard (Regular)”

  1. I have a terrible addiction on snowboardin but i have only rarely change to go snowboarding. I just wanted it so much more than like few times in year 🙁

  2. In my opinion this should be one of your first three tricks to learn. the others being the press and butter 180s.

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