How To Spin Backside 180’s, 360’s, 540’s & 720’s On A Snowboard (Regular)

The approach for spinning is also know as the setup carve and creating a platform to
spin from. Pretty much every snowboarder spins backside from their toe edge because leaving
from your toe edge helps to project your momentum into the backside direction. The good news
is that the approach line is more or less the same for all backside spins.
Once you have the speed for a straight air, drop in with the same speed and do 1 smooth
setup carve on your heel edge. As the jump transitions from run in to the take off, transfer
to your toe edge preparing for the backside spin. This is called creating a solid platform
or solid position over your toe edge to spin from.
The transition from your heel edge to your toe edge usually happens approximately at
the point of flat ground where the jumps changes from a downhill run in to an uphill lip.
Aim for your board to leave the lip of the jump in a straight direction. This means you’ll
fly in a straight direction and stomp down into the middle of the landing.
Every jump is slightly different and the approach path will differ between different jumps,
although the basic pattern is always the same. Heel edge setup-carve, transferring to a toe
edge platform to spin from. Boom. You need to have strong carving skills to
do this properly. Carving is the ability to turn your snowboard while riding only on your
edge, and it allows you to keep nearly all your speed while turning.
The most common problem with backside spins is that riders will carve too hard on their
toe edge when leaving the lip of the jump. This can cause you to drift out to the side
of the landing and hit the knuckle, or to catch your edge throwing you off balance.
The toe edge carve is not an aggressive turn, but a strong solid position over your toe
edge that you’re going to spring from. Getting the approach correct for your backside
spins is an essential technique that you need to master.

3 thoughts on “How To Spin Backside 180’s, 360’s, 540’s & 720’s On A Snowboard (Regular)”

  1. The few days of snowboarding I get this season will be spent doing backside 3s! I couldn't for the love of jebus do a good looking backside if my life depended on it. Good thing I got your tutorials on hand!

  2. if to all kinds of spins(360,540,720) you approach the same, how you make you spin go from 360 to 540 and more?
    basically I'm asking what is the difference between 360 to 720 besides of course how much you spin. @Snowboard Addiction 

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