I find that it’s a little bit easier with my knees more bent, believe it or not. [Duck quaking.] We have some vocal friends [Indy] The L.A. Roller Ducks! The L.A. Roller Ducks are back at it. There’s like, some duck friends of ours here. Hey guys. What’s up buddies?
You wanna learn how to spin on roller skates? [Music]5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this let’s roll Let’s roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll, let’s roll out. Roll out, roll out. Roll out. Roll out. Roll out Roll out. Yes! Hey guys! Welcome to
Planet Roller Skate! I just got here to Echo Park in Los Angeles where I’m meeting Candace Heiden. You may know here from the Chet Faker ‘Gold’ video–here she is! Hey girl! How are you? Hey this is Candace from L.A. Roller Girls . And today we’re going to teach you how to spin! [Music] It’s just got to spin! [Music] It’s just got to spin! So some of you guys may know Candace
from this one really popular video by Chet Faker called ‘Gold’. She’s in a ton of other awesome stuff and she’s an incredibly talented skater and probably one of the
best people that could help us learn how to spin today. Thank you so much! So I’m really excited because I think I’m gonna learn a ton too! I’m excited too! Alright, let’s get goin! We’re gonna work on two foot spins today. And the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start off by just kind of stepping ourselves around in a circle.
Everybody has a preference on how the turn. So some people feel more comfortable turning to the left, some people turn to the right, There’s no rule about it, so turn however feels most comfortable for you. So for me I like to go to the left,
so I’m going to just march my feet around Toes together, heels together.
Toes together, heels together. And you can do it a little bit faster and start feel this kind of like up here I mean basically you’re spinning right now Heels. Toes. Heels. Toes. [Trumpet instrumental] Now that we’ve done this step around
we’re going to try and do more of a roll around. When we roll you’re gonna
have the foot of the direction you’re turning– So for me that’s the left. My left foot’s
gonna always be skating backward and my right foot’s gonna be skating forward.
Obviously that’s gonna be reversed if you’re turning to the right. So I’m going
to think about skating my left foot backwards while my right foot skates forward. So I go left, right, backward, and forward. Backward and forward. And already I’m doing
like a little bit of a smoother turn (as you can see). Keeping my knees bent,
and again you can work up to faster. Awesome! Roll backwards, roll forward. Still making
our toes and heels come about together or at least towards each…other and that
can get faster and faster. Once you’ve mastered the step around
and the roll around we’re gonna try and give you like an
advanced option here Indy: Woooo! So pretty! Ok, so on the heal-toe I’m thinking about the same thing we talked about in the roll around. My left skate’s gonna be rolling, uh, skating backwards and my right skate’s gonna be skating forward.
If you are turning to the left. Okay so my left heal wheels
come up and my right toe wheels come up but I’m still making my feet go like,
trying to complete the circle the whole time so while I’m up, it’s actually
something like this… Left skate skates backward, right skate skates forward. A common mistake
is that the right toes kind of like drift out of the circle And if that starts to happen, or you can’t, um, figure out why your spin might be traveling That’s typically the reason
because that will pull your center off. So to show you what that mistake might look like,
you would start like this But if that foot goes out of the circle at all You’re feet are going to separate and you’re going to move. So just constantly try and keep your toes turning in just like on the previous exercises But now you’re just gonna be up a little bit higher. I’ll show you another one. Indy: Cool! [Trumpet Instrumental] You can use your upper body a little bit to help prep the spin So you’re gonna basically rotate in the direction
opposite of where I’m going to turn. So I turn to the left so I’m going to reach
across my body to the right just to give myself a little bit of torque. As I pull
my feet together my arms are gonna as well. And as with basic physics the
closer you bring everything in the faster you’re gonna spin. If I leave my arms out while I do this it’s gonna slow me down, and sometimes that’s what you want.
The fastest spin is probably going to be arms in and pulled straight up with your hands,
and that also can help center you. Keep your head up while you’re spinning, if your head starts to fall forward, that changes your center, so you may start to travel. So just try and maintain like a strong core and like I said if you feel
yourself traveling pulling your hands up and lifting through the chest is gonna
help you stay right over your feet. Indy: Awesome can you show us again? [Music Starts] Indy: Yay, thank you so much for helping us with spins! I learned a ton! Candice: Yay! So what do we want to know about L.A. Roller Girls? What are you guys up
to these days? Well we teach a monthly workshop and it’s basic to some advanced
options in roller dance and you can find all that information on our Facebook
events page but we host that outdoors so it’s in like the sunshine, it’s beautiful
right on the beach in Santa Monica. Or we are also up to doing
workshops near you so if you would like us to come and you have a group of
friends or teammates anything we would love to come to you as well because we
are all about teaching rollerskating and we love it. Yeah, Plant Roller Skate! Teach everybody! Well thank you so much. Bye guys, thank you Planet Roller Skate! Later skaters! We have some vocal friends.

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