How to strap board to car in 30 secs- full version

Hi there, this is Robert Stehlik with Blue Planet Surf Shop in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks for watching, today I’m going
to demonstrate how to strap a board onto your car in less than 30
seconds using one strap. Now a couple things to pay attention to are: you need a strap that’s strong with a solid buckle that you have confidence in and will not slip. You also need a long strap, this one is a 20-foot long strap, we sell them at our shop in packs of two 20-foot straps for twenty-five dollars, so this
is a good investment and you can use them for a long time. So this is the fastest way I know how to strap a board to a car, there are a lot of different ways of doing
it. So why am I doing this video? Ok, the other day I was waiting for a parking spot at the beach and a guy had his
board on the car just like this, ready to go. He was changed ready to drive away and
he was leaving so I thought I’d wait around for him. It took him about 10 minutes to strap that board on this car. So if you’re like me you’d rather catch a
couple more waves stay out a little bit longer in the water and not waste 10
minutes fumbling around with a strap, so I’m going to show you how to do this
quickly and easily and safely and actually even though it took him 10
minutes it wasn’t even a good strapping job, it was actually unsafe. Ok, so first of all you start out with a long
strap and you also need to have roof racks that are solid on your car, they
can’t be sliding back and forth. If they’re not really tight make sure that
you tighten the roof rack down to your car so there’s no sliding or wiggle room.
I’m going to show you how to put a board on your car in 30 seconds or less using
one strap. Ready- Set -Go! The strap goes over,
underneath, basically just looping the strap all the way around the board, twisting it a little bit so it doesn’t make noise when driving. Put the strap into the buckle from the bottom up,
always. Tighten it down real nice and then I stick the rest of the strap in my car, so I don’t need to tie it off. 28 seconds all done! The board is on there securely, not going to come off and you’re done. More time in the water if you do it that way. Thanks for watching and Aloha!

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  1. @mysteryguyzation , It's good to have the rack pads to protect your board from getting pressure dents from the racks. Most Stand up boards have padded EVA foam deck pads that provide some protection, so if the pad sits on the rack, you could use it without a pad, although pads are always recommended.

  2. ha, this is actually a good vid, always want to get my windsurf board tied down as quick as possible, for the obvious reason, that it windy.

  3. Can you strap two boards somehow using the same method? Please let me know, i appreciate your help.

  4. Yes, you can strap several boards using this method if you are traveling a short distance at low speeds and are sure your racks can't more and straps and buckle are solid. We recommend using two straps for two or more boards for a tighter, more secure strapping job (one strap in front and one in back)

  5. Yes, blueplanetsurf(dot)com, we currently offer free shipping in the US on our inflatable SUP boards and can ship all our SUP's to the nearest airport via air cargo.

  6. We now sell a single 20' strap that is perfect for this method for $11.95 at blueplanetsurf(dot)com, check it out.

  7. nice but you didn't mention you need a 200 dollar roof rack . I own a civic and put a 9'6" board in it . maybe ill make a video showing how to put a 9'6" board in a 6'9" car .
    lol and aloha from fl.

  8. Whoa……..This is not a safe method to tie anything onto after market roof racks! I sell and install roof racks and truck racks and we have customers coming in saying their racks are scratching up their door frames. When we inspect the car and find that the racks have moved towards each other we know that they're using the one strap method. Think about it, the racks under pressure can only move forwards or backwards on the door frame. Using one strap will pull them towards each other.

  9. Oh and BTW, when your racks move towards one another your strap becomes loose and there goes your $1800 SUP Board or Boards flying off down the freeway. One 1" strap only has about 600 lbs tensile strength. One 1" strap wrapped around the bar with both ends over the board has 1200 lbs of tensile strength. One strap on each bar ties the board down with 2400 lbs of tensile strength. If you cause a crash because you lost your load, you are responsible for all of the cars that you take out!

  10. Yes, John, this method is not safe the the racks can move at all on the roof or if the strap can loosen. You should always use two straps and err on the side of safety if there is any doubt.

  11. Hey Robert it's Jean-Paul Gedeon from idēl hawaii. This is the first time I have seen that method. Right on for the quick tip.

  12. This video is perfect! I have a SUP board and after one viewing I have strapped my board down three times with no trouble! Thank you so much for posting!

  13. If you plan to drive at motorway speeds do not use the method shown in this video – strap each board down with its own individual strap.

  14. Hi blue,
    In fact by using one strap You are creating a tremendous pressure on the racks forcing them to come together. the correct would be using two straps individually, passing them around each rack. this way creating only an upward tension.

  15. Fantastic mate! I tried this technique to secure my portable gazebo to my roof racks and it worked great! It was easy, fast and felt pretty secure.
    Nice work mate!

  16. I have a 330lt inflatable sup. If i put it on the roof rack and strap it with this way, how many km/h should i drive?

  17. Thank you! I just got an inflatable SUP and can now manage the whole process of getting the board secured to my car rack really easily. I found an 18' strap by Riverside at REI – that was the only place locally I found a long enough strap (sorry, Minnesota, no board shops close by :). 18' was plenty for my application. Thanks again!

  18. My drive to the beach is an hour and I reach speeds of 75 mph. Do I just use two straps or do I use a different method completely? Thanks.

  19. 30 sec? What's the hurry? If we're trying to learn you could consider slowing down so we could see exactly how it goes rather than a quick trick movement

  20. Well done. Just did this with one strap, works like a charm.
    Guess for the highway I should use two straps? Do you have a video?

  21. Skip to 2.00 a lot of crap just in time to see this guy break a record of 28 sec .now could you do it a little slower so we can all see the way it’s done.

  22. At our roof rack/truck rack store we have had 4 roof racks fail using this method and their SUP Boards flew off into traffic at high speed. Common sense is one strap per bar! It only takes a few seconds longer and it doubles the strength of the straps and the racks stay in place. What we are seeing is the top of the both racks being pulled towards the center of the car and the front of the clip getting all of the stress until it flexes outwards and the front rack flies off with the board. Sometime the rear bar rips off with the rest of the equipment and there is a lot of damage to the door frames not to mention the equipment tied to the top of the rack. That's the least of it if you're lucky! Any cars you take out by accident in addition to screwing up your own car will be your responsibility! When a rack fails our customers come in to see why their rack came off (they want to think that it is our fault) and as soon as we hear they used a single strap we can show them why their racks failed. The rack manufacturers will not repair or replace your equipment when if it flies off your vehicle and you really should read the instructions that come with the rack system you get installed. The instructions tell you to put the skeg (fin) forward and tie a rope from the leash plug to the front hood or bumper to lessen wind loading coming from the front of the car to the underside of the board.

  23. If you do it that way the two roof bars may be pulled together. Things will then loosen up… Nah. Ide two stråla. It will rake 60 seconds and be more stable.

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