How to Surf for Girls : Caring for a Surfboard

Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. Alright, we’re going
to talk a little bit about some board care and how important it is for your stick. Stick,
fin, your surf board. I’d say the best thing, after you come out of the water from surfing
would probably just be, just rinse off your board, or maybe wipe it down, just keep it
looking nice. Also, when you place your board down, you never want to just like throw your
board down or a lot of people will have their board and they?ll stick it in the sand, it’s
kind of like cold it up. Sometimes, that’s not really the best because the nose of your
board could go in the sand, there could be rock, there could be coral, or reef underneath
that you can’t see and then you have a broken nose on your board which isn’t fun. Getting
a board bag would be great or a board sack. The difference with a board bag and a board
sack, the board bag is usually little bit thicker, they have a little bit more padding,
you can travel with them. Sometimes you can see a lot of boards that will start turning
yellow, cause people leave them out in the sun too long. So it’s always important to
keep your board covered. It doesn’t mean its going to work any less good, it’s just keeping
it nice and longer. So when you’re done surfing and you want to place your board down, or
if you’re going to take a little lunch break, or have a snack or what not, when you come
out of the water and you’re tired, don’t just drop your board. You always want to put it
down nicely. Find a nice spot. Make sure there’s nothing underneath it that’s going to give
it any extra dings or you know, make it look bad. Placing it down just like this, you know,
leaving leash on top, the best way is to have the top of the board facing towards the grass
or the sand, wherever you choose to place it. If you have it this way, the sun will
melt your wax off, it can make a little deform and then you going to get your wax come out
and kind of like redo it. So, yeah, your best bet is to have it face down, fins up and place
it down nicely.

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