How to Surf for Girls : How to Carry a Surfboard

Hi, I’m Schell Michael. I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. We’re going to talk
a little bit about carrying your board. There’s a few different ways you can carry your board,
it’s whatever is going to be most comfortable for you. The first way about carrying your
board is facing the top of the board to the inside of your body and putting your arm over.
If you have shorter arms, sometimes carrying it more towards the back, you can kind of
point it down a little bit more and walk with that, holding right here. Or, the easiest
is right in the middle and hold it with one arm, but if you’re too short, sometimes you
can hold it like this and putting your other hand underneath. That works well, it’s nice
and secure. With your leash, some people can wrap it around the end; some people like to
carry it. A lot of people that have been surfing for a long time tend to not like to really
wrap their leash around their board; – don’t ask me about that one. So you can just throw
it over your board, whatever, just as long as you’re not going to trip over it. Another
way, you can place it on top of your head which, most people do this for long boards,
this isn’t really a short board move but with the long boards, you can just place it right
here, holding hands on each side, leash wrapped in the back or right over the top, whatever
is easier. The best way is to have just at least the top of the board facing the inside
of your body. When you have it out this way, it gets kind of funny; it doesn’t really conform
to your body very well. It tends to hurt your shoulder and you’re kind of straining to carry
it. The best bets, underneath the arm facing the inside of your body, or over your head,
like so.

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