How to Surf for Girls : How to Repair Minor Surfboard Dings

Hi, I am Shell Michael. I am here with Expert
Village and today we are going to be doing a series on how to surf. So you get a ding
on your board. Pretty bummed out whether it is good or a brand new board or a used board
getting a ding is never fun, but sometimes fixing them can be. There are a few simple
ways you can do it. A man’s best friend would probably be duct tape. You can fix anything
with duct tape so women keep that in mind, duct tape is very handy. Cute stickers would
be great it depends on what size of the ding. You could just go to your local surf shop
and pick out something nice and kind of just cover it up. Those are just like temporary
though. You never want to use this for really long term because it will not really last.
A sticker will come off, the tape will come unglued. Another thing that you can use is
wax where you can just kind of roll it up into a little ball. It is almost like putty
and you just kind of shove it right in that hole and it is great because it is water resistant.
It is not going to retain any water, it kind of works good. So you can put the wax on and
a sticker over the wax to cover it so its not really that funky looking. There are things
called solar reds too that you can get at your local surf shops. It is just like a little
tubing. It almost looks like shoe glue and pretty much you just kind of squeeze it out,
put it in there. It comes with a little piece of like sandpaper. Sometimes they have thrown
a little piece of like a fiberglass filament that you can kind of put over it. It depends.
It is pretty self-explanatory. It is like steps one, two three, and then you just put
it in the sun. It is very important to fix your dings right away because you don’t want
your foam, you don’t want to get waterlogged, even if it is a small ding. Sometimes they
start out small and the more you take your board out the bigger it will get or it will
kind of just start peeling away. And then you have more damage, you have more water
in your board and then it just gets more expensive.

14 thoughts on “How to Surf for Girls : How to Repair Minor Surfboard Dings”

  1. Wow! First, that board has been to hell and back. Second, don't shove wax into your dings because it isn't water tight and it will be a nightmare to fix later. Watch one of the 5000 ding repair videos and get some solarez if you must. OR, if it isn't a big ding, cut up some glass fibers and mix with uv sanding resin into a thick goo. Sand the ding, shove the goo in, cover with plastic so it's flat, stick it in the sun, sand it, surf on it. Or, flirt with the guy next door. He'll do it.

  2. yes, there is a coyote on the back ground….but ..what a cute… what was she doing in the middle of the desert?

  3. i used the tape repair a couple of times so it didn't let too much water in..but there is still some in there.. is it ok to have a little water in the board?

  4. Yet another moronically USELESS video by expert village…never use wax, stickers, or especially not duct tape.. these are not watertight at all and wax is not streamline. just fix it with suncure or resin with fiberglass cloth. If you're enough of a kook to use duct tape you might as well just take it in to your local shop

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