How to Surf for Girls : How to Stand Up on a Surfboard

Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. So now it is time
to talk about actually standing up and riding that wave. So there’s a few ways you can actually
get up on your board. And I’ll just show you those three right now. Alright, the first
way is you’ll be paddling, you know, one two three, you’ll put your hands on the side of
the board which is the rails, you’ll push up kind of like into a little push up and
you’ll bring your feet just like this, kind of like couching tiger, hidden surfer. And
you’ll be here. You never want to get to this position and then stand up right away; you
don’t want to lock your knees. You never ever want to lock your knees during surfing. I’ll
show you that one more time. You’ll just be paddling, hands to chest, push up, pop up,
right here. This I feel is the easiest way to learn to stand up but sometimes the hardest
because most people want to get to their knees first which isn’t bad but in the long run
it is easiest just to learn to pop right up to your feet. Okay, the second way to stand
up- push up, bring one knee forward, bring the other this foot up here and then you’re
kind of right here in the same position, always knees bend, always kind of a little bit low.
It’s better to be low than higher up. You don’t want to be like this, you want to kind
of try to keep your chest open, your back a little straight and kind of in this position.

10 thoughts on “How to Surf for Girls : How to Stand Up on a Surfboard”

  1. sometimes i try to stand up and my toes will hit the side of my surfbourd aand automatically i kneel and i hate it

  2. Do not bend at the waist / through the lower back. Always bend at the knees. Otherwise as this lady says you will lock your knees!

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