How to Surf for Girls : How to Stand While Surfing

Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. So after you stand
up on the board, you want to have the best possible position which is usually right about
the center of the board, from front to back and the center of the board from side to side.
When you stand up, you never want to be more over here on the rail, you’ll fall this way.
You don’t want to be over here on this side, you fall this way. You want to be right here
on the center, you know, still knees bend, not too far forward, not too far back, just
right here in this comfortable position. If you do stand up and you’re towards the back
of the board, you’ll feel it beginning to drag. On the back is what we call the brakes.
You stand too far back, you’re nose is getting sticking up and you’ll just be going, you’ll
be putting your brakes on and you’ll fall off the back of the wave, you’ll fall off
the board and you’re just wondering like why do I’m feeling like I’m going anywhere. That’s
when you can just slowly step forward, just shimmy to the front, if you’re quick and you
kind of do a nice little walk; that’s great, if you can’t just go ahead and take your time.
Also, if you stand up and you’re too far forward, you’re going to run off the front of your
board, you going to eat it bad. But if you just take your time and you realize you’re
little too far forward, you kind of feel the board sticking in, the nose of the board sticking
into the water, just take a little bit of step back. And if you don’t want really step
up anywhere at all and you’re positioned right in the middle, and you want to go a little
faster, just lean forward with your left foot that will put on your gas and you’ll just
feel you’re going a little bit faster. If you want to slow down, maybe you see someone
coming in a distance, maybe you don’t really want to be heading in that direction, then
just lean back a little bit and if necessary you can always sit back on your board or you
can go ahead and half pause.

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