How to Surf for Girls : How to Transport a Surfboard

Hi I’m Schell Michael, I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. Okay let’s talk about
transporting your board and how you going to do that. A lot of people don’t have the
luxury of having a big SUV or a big truck. A lot of us are trying to save on gas. Therefore,
we have cars. So, another one of you friends is going to be surf racks. These are great.
They’re just like little foam rollers. These ones have a little surf company, you know.
Sometimes you can get these things made, you can get your name on it if you like, that’d
be cute. So inside just a little bit of foam, outside just kind of covering and these are
going to be great protective paint on your car and these are going to be your removable
rack which are great. So you can surf off to the beach with your board but then if you
want to go out later do something, you could take them off and you don’t have to have these
things lying around. Pretty much you just lie them over the top of your car. And you
just run the straps through and it says connected and you have these that go on top to go of
your board, and you just run it through, just like this and it tightens the board down.
So the board will be between in the rack and in here and it just keeps it for a nice secure
fit. The best thing is to have the board, the nose of the board, you’re going to turn
the board over, so the wax is facing down towards the racks. You don’t have the nose
of your board facing the back of your car and the fins at the front of your car. And
the reason why we have the fins towards the front of the car is cause when you strap it
down, it straps in front of the fin so that when the wind blows on your car it’s going
to get, the straps going to get caught on your fins and it’s not going to fly off.

13 thoughts on “How to Surf for Girls : How to Transport a Surfboard”

  1. would've been nice to actually see how you use them. feels like my board might fly off my roof or get damaged from the straps. not sure if i'm using the wrap right.

  2. Can you tell me how to buy those surfboard racks as well? Do I need to use a credit card perhaps? How would I go about conversing with the staff in the shop?

  3. Sorry, you obviously didn't pick up on my sarcasm (I know, Americans can struggle at this!) This video is rather patronising to say the least, what happened to a good bit of common sense and initiative?

  4. Sorry, I was just trying to be helpful. But, can you tell me how I would pick up your sarcasm, when you phrased the question exactly as someone who was asking it seriously would? Remember, this is text; intonation is not a factor here, nor are facial expressions.

  5. On hindsight maybe not blindingly obvious, but asking for advice on how to converse with another human being may have given it away!

  6. Yes, if I knew your age and intelligence level. But, this is youtube. I have encountered individuals asking the most pathetic things i.e. if I kiss my boyfriend will I get pregnant. I thought you were a stupid(and I mean literally), socially inept pre-teen who was just getting into surfing.

  7. I've recently gotten into Stand Up Paddle boarding and used a pair of soft racks my cousin gave to me. With a 10'6" board, it was a SCARY experience on the freeway. They worked fine, but it is kinda scary seeing the board wobble around in the wind. Plus at that speed it make a very annoying vibrating sound (from the straps vibrating in the wind and against the roof). I highly recommend investing in hard racks. These do work though, it's just not "as stable".

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