How to Surf for Girls : Surfing & Coming Back to Shore

Hi, I’m Schell Michael. I’m here with Expert
Village and today we’re going to be doing a series on how to surf. Alright, so after
your session and you’re coming back in towards the shore, you definitely want to be careful
about how you do that. Usually you’ll come back in the same way you went out which is
through the channel. Sometimes it can be a little different, sometimes you’ll have to
jump off kind of like the side of a cliff. The easiest way to get out and then the easiest
way to come in is like a completely different route, but you just want to get the safest
way and be careful because sometimes coming in from certain breaks there’ll be kind of
like some kelp and different things that can kind of get in your way or the rocks can be
slippery. You always want to make sure if you’re getting out on any kind of rocky surface
and you’re not getting out on a sand break, just want to watch your footing, watch your
stepping because sometimes there can be just like, you know seaweed stuck to the rocks
and it gets a little slippery, it gets a little funky. Make sure you have your leash in your
hand. You don’t want your leash dragging behind you, it could get caught on something. You
don’t want your leash still attached to your foot when you’re coming out of the water you
can trip on that. Sometimes people are tired, they’re not really, they’re not really careful
with what they’re doing so they’re just like walking and all of a sudden you’re just like
“Oh, there goes the leash, there goes the board” you know, you’re just a mess, like
a beached whale. That’s no fun. Also, when you’re coming in too, make sure you’re not
running into any reef as well. You don’t want to come in too close. Sometimes you’ll have
to pick up your board and maybe walk a little bit in the water. You never want to ride your
board up onto the sand, up onto the rocks. You know, give yourself a little bit of depth
with the water to be able to pick up your board and walk out with your head up high,
not just kind of like “Waaa, beach break!”

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