How to Surf : How to Change Position on the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson

Hi, I’m John Hickey with Florida Surf Lessons.
You can reach us at We located out of Central and South Florida.
More on to introduction of surfing, once you stand up on the board and you are on the board
and if you notice you are on the wave and the front of your board starts to lift up.
That is one of the keys to telling me that you are too far back on the board. So what
you want to do is if you are right here, if you are too far back, you want to lean forward.
As you are leaning forward you have your weight on your front legs. What you want to do is
bring that other leg back and replace it so you are moving your body around but are you
are not moving your weigh around. Your weight is staying right there in the same spot but
you are moving further up on the board so that lets you go further into the waves and
continues to push you into the waves. If you get too far back you cause too much drag and
drag slows the board down. So if you are in a wave and causing drag and slow, that wave
is going to pass you up. The front of the board is going to be up in the air and you
look around and say what happened, what did I do wrong. Okay. That is one thing that is
major. Also, if you are too far forward on the board, you will see that nose. Remember
we talked about the front of the nose, that nose will dive. What that does it will go
straight down and it will point you straight down and you will fall. We will be right back.

4 thoughts on “How to Surf : How to Change Position on the Surf Board: Beginning Surfing Lesson”

  1. I agrew with the need to work on instructional skills, what's with the 1+ minute video clips? YouTube allows way more than that….plus is there really a need to say "..and we'll be right back" so abrubtly? example: "the board will go flyinback, you'll fall, you'll face plant, so we'll be right back" WHAT?!?!?

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