How to Tail Press on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Kevin here, from Whistler, B.C. Here are some tips to help you tail press. A tail press is simply sliding across the snow or park feature on the tail of your snowboard. Before you try this trick make sure you have softer free ride or park snowboard. The first part of this trick is getting your weight over the tail over your snowboard. Bend your back knee and center you hips over the tail of your snowboard. Getting your hips over the tail of your snowboard will make it easy to hold the tail press. You can even reach your hand back toward the snow, to get your weight back.Once your weight back, you can hold the nose of your board up with you front leg. This will get the nose of you board into the air. Helping you flex the board and get your nose up into the air. Practice toe presses on the snow first then bring them to an easy box in the park. To recap the tail press make sure you board is soft enough to flex, bend you back knee and center your hips over your tail to get you weight back, and get the nose of you board up with your front leg. Leave any question in the comment box below. Subscribe to SnowboardProCamp to check out upcoming trick videos.

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