How to Train Your Dragon – Dragon-Viking Games: Snowboarding (extended version)

Sometimes in sports,
necessity is the mother of invention. Such is the case
with Viking snowboarding. Everything we know and love about this
sport was invented on this fateful day. – First came the halfpipe.
– Yeah! Then, the rail grind. Followed by the admiring snow bunnies. Yes! And last but not least, the wipeout.

47 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon – Dragon-Viking Games: Snowboarding (extended version)”

  1. Is this a movie or a TV show or a game gata tells me! And I just want to say STOP BEING SO FU**EN ADORABLE!! ( did u see? He had 2 legs )!!!!!

  2. I am really sure that I can see someone that looks like Astrid sitting on top of that deadly nadder at the start…or it could be just me.

  3. I am obsessed with the dragons and the vikings 😍it's the best animated movie ever! ! ! If you with me like ❤and subscribe

  4. 0:30 What's the matter guys? Don't remember the part were the dragons turned on Hiccup, thus
    killing him?

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